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Oh Hey, What's Up

Oh, hey! I’m Corrin. I’m officially in my 30′s, I recently relocated to Austin from Chicago, I have my MBA and a couple of Bachelor’s Degrees, I’m a Marketing Coordinator (when I’m employed) which means I’m great at organizing but terrible at delegating, I think the internet is the best thing since sliced bread, I’m pondering becoming a PhD in som…

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Punch Debt In The Face

I am a normal, 25 year old bad a$$ mother lover (love ya Mom Ninja). I have a bachelors in Psychology from a very tiny school that none of you will have ever heard of. I live in San Diego, CA. I have worked for the Federal Government for 2 years doing investigations. I blog anonymously ’cause I’m scared some crazy blog reader will begin stalking me…

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Budgets Are Sexy

Yes! Finally, you can have J. Money and his quick wit right on your Android phone! Please show your appreciation for J$ and rate the app. Thanks!

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The Millionaire Nurse

Now you can get your favorite quirky doctor and his great personal finance principles right on you Android phone!

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Couple Money

Welcome to Couple Money! Couple Money is about handling family and finances responsibly in order to spend more time doing what we love. We’re not frugal people just to be frugal. We have taken some time to really discuss this and decided on working towards doing what we’d love to do. We’re using our lives with this blog as one long case study. It…

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Join the Piano Challenge and follow along as I go from worse to better, playing, singing and havin' fun! Don't know about the challenge? Check out

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Las Vegas Legal Life

If you're interested in the latest news and gossip about law in Las Vegas, you are in the right place!

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