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ASCII Art Image

Turn any image into an ASCII Art version. Has a number of built-in sample images to choose from and you can also load up any image from your device. Increase or decrease the font size used in the ASCII art image using the Volume keys on your device. If you like this free app, please rate it!

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Download Plasma Plasma icon

Plasma effect demo app. Highly configurable in terms of colour palettes, smoothness and speed. Tap plasma on screen to choose another palette. Use menu key or long press screen for a menu. Use Volume keys to change plasma speed (for plasma functions that support this). If you like the plasma effect shown in this app, take a look at my Plasma Liv…

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Download Delphi Service Demo Delphi Service Demo icon
Delphi Service Demo

This app demos that Delphi XE5 and its FireMonkey framework can build apps with Android services and make use of broadcast receivers as well as just building business apps. There are a couple of wrinkles with regard to app shutdown, mostly because I'm doing stuff that wasn't really planned for in the initial development burst. Hopefully th…

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Download JetBoy JetBoy icon

Try and destroy 50 asteroids in 72 seconds. This simple demo game comes from the Android SDK. Originally written in Java, it is really a demo of using the JET audio engine more than anything. The demo has been ported to Oxygene for Java and had various bugs fixed along the way: 1) The original required a D-Pad (directional touchpad) to fire the l…

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Download Retro Effects Retro Effects icon
Retro Effects

Retro demo effects from your favourite demo apps of the 80s and early 90s. Shadebobs, plasma, starfield, fire, explosion and copper bars effects, all implemented using logic available in the C++ Open Source Demo Effects Collection project. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

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Download Snake Snake icon

Take your snake around the garden and eat the apples to make it grow. Avoid the walls and avoid bumping into yourself! This simple Snake game comes from the Android SDK. Originally written in Java, this has been ported to Oxygene for Java and had some improvements made along the way: The original required a D-Pad (directional touchpad) or physica…

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Download Starfield Starfield icon

Demo app containing four starfield implementations for when you wish you were far away on a starship, away from the stresses and strains of it all..... 1) A simple static starfield with different sized stars to imply depth. Kind of what you might see out the window when your starship is stationary. 2) A parallax starfield, i.e. all the stars are…

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Download Cubes Live Wallpaper Cubes Live Wallpaper icon
Cubes Live Wallpaper

This download contains 2 live wallpapers. One is a simple wireframe cube - end of story. The other defaults to a wireframe cube, but has settings that allow you to choose between that and a wireframe dodecahedron. This live wallpaper comes from the Android SDK, so is available to any Android developer. It has been ported from the original Java o…

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Download Word of the Day - Wiktionary Word of the Day - Wiktionary icon
Word of the Day - Wiktionary

This widget displays the Word of the Day from the Wiktionary™ site, along with its meaning, updating it every day. Tapping the widget opens up a full-screen display of the word's Wiktionary page - where additional interesting words can be tapped to see their definitions. The menu offers options to search for a specific word or to seek a new r…

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Download AccelerometerPlay AccelerometerPlay icon

Balance the balls on the wood surface! This app uses the built-in accelerometer to detect the phone/tablet being tilted and makes 3 shiny balls roll just like as if they were on the device. This simple app comes from the Android SDK, so all Android developers have access to it. Originally written in Java to demonstrate how to respond to accelerom…

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