• Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank




    Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank Do you want fingerprint feature just like the one in major phones but can’t afford the phones? Then this is the app for you.Fingerprint Lock screen is the best fingerprint lock for Android. You can lock your screen and use your fingerprint to unlock your screen....

  • Photo Effects: Pencil Sketch




    Do you want to create the most realistic and astounding sketches of yourself or your couple? Then this is the app for you. Probably the most realistic photo to pencil sketch conversion tool! Turn you portraits into a sketch-style images within just a simple click on one of the sketches...

  • Tattoo Camera Free




    Best cam app to add tattoo effects on your body! Tattoo Camera adds variety of cool tattoo effects to the photos you are taking or those already exist. Select tattoo effects and tattoo yourself as you like, and your photos can be amazing! Share the cool photos with your friends via Facebook,...

  • Fingerprint Lock Screen Plus




    Fingerprint lockscreen Pro This visually stunning application works by granting access to those who have the appropriate security clearance and denying those who don't! ATTENTION!! - HOW IT WORKS: THE TRICK : Place your finger on the scanner and hold it. Then scanner starts moving, count...

  • Candle Light Free




    Candle Light Free Ever wished you could set the mood in your hotel room with a candle that wasn't a fire hazard? Now you can! Candle Light Free is a fun FREE app that lets you create ambience anywhere you go. It's the most photo-realistic candle ever made for the android. With this app...

  • Sound Volume Booster




    App name: Volume Booster Pro descr: Do you want to listen to your favorite music with High Quality Stereo System? Do you want your cool media system fit into your pocket? Try this new amazing sound booster. It will increase your speakers volume up to 30-45%. What sets Volume Booster Pro from...

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