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Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a dazzling diva who has taken Bollywood by a storm ! A former model, Deepika was an avid Badminton player as well. The Bollywood celebrity started her career with modelling and eventually setting her foot in the Bollywood industry with the movie "Om Shanti Om". She has come a long way into stardom and this application…

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Pt Ravi Shankar

This mobile application comes as a tribute to the late sitar maestro and Bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar Ji. We at Blot Canvas were great fans of Pundit Ji and had made this application to show him and take his blessings. However, we got late in approaching him, as a result of which, this application is published in his memory. We will keep on im…

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Raghu Ram

This is the official mobile application of Raghu Ram. RAGHU RAM is a TV artist presently working with MTV. He is the pioneer of reality television and has been a part of majority of such shows in MTV like Roadies, Splitsvilla, etc. He rides high on his confidence and is known to be the best judge of character in today's world. For his perso…

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Richa Anirudh

This is the official mobile application of Richa Anirudh. RICHA ANIRUDH is a primetime news anchor and one of the leading and most loved faces of Hindi television news. Over the years she has lent her inherent and natural credibility to every issue that she has discussed on screen, making her a figure of sorts, for almost all important news event…

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Bollywood Celebrity - Mugdha

Mugdha Godse is a dazzling diva who has taken Bollywood by a storm ! A former model, Mugdha was a semi-finalist at the Femina Miss India 2004 competition. She made her acting debut in Madhur Bhandarkar's 2008 film, Fashion. She has come a long way into stardom and this application tries to depict her journey of life. Over the years she has bee…

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Classroom GK

Using this app, you can play school level quiz for your entertainment within the Indian context ! Score points and be the leader in each category ! Be the Topper of the month and win an exciting gift hamper from Team Classroom GK Official quiz application developed by Blot Canvas

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Download Coupling Coupling icon

Coupling - A Private Network For Two ! With a plethora of social networking options, the world today is all about connectivity. But are there enough options for two people to connect with each other without a breach of privacy? So while you are in a relationship or exploring the possibility of one, here is what you exactly need ! Blot Canvas bri…

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Media Connect

This app is meant to connect the Journalists with the PR agencies. Both these entities are closely linked and their work area overlaps. Today there are very limited mediums that address the communication gap between media houses and PR agents/agencies. This mobile app addresses this gap and tries to build a connect between the two entities. The…

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Urban Knights

Urban Knights is all about nightlife, entertainment and an awesome party place in New Delhi. During the day its a lounge, but after 9 pm its a serious party place. This is the official mobile application of Urban Knights. This offers the details of the events taking place all around the year along with the entire food menu to take a look at ! A…

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Golden Bricks

Golden Bricks is a highly reputed builder with multiple projects coming up in Haryana. Golden Bricks taking best of the services of highly qualified engineers, architects, designers with international manufacturing standards and techniques with a fusion of high-quality materials at very competitive price points. Golden Bricks is passionate about c…

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