• LocaNotes





    Tag your world with the FREE LocaNotes Android app! Ever wanted to quickly record a note at your current location? Using your phone's inbuilt location hardware, LocaNotes will geotag your note to your present position. What is the purpose of LocaNotes? You decide! LocaNotes can easily be...

  • World Dialer

    World Dialer




    *Please note that calls made via this app are still subject to your standard network charge* Easy access to dialing codes for 200+ countries. *Fast, easy navigation *Find country calling codes around the globe *Send codes direct to dialer, ready to dial! Always have international dialing codes...

  • Alpha Bravo Phonetic Alphabet

    Alpha Bravo Phonetic Alphabet




    Wanting to know how to speak a letter from the Phonetic Alphabet? Well, the new Alpha Bravo app for Android just made this much easier. It will not only in a very clean and simple way tell you the correct word from the Spelling Alphabet, but it will also read it out to you! You can also type in...

  • World Dialer LITE

    World Dialer LITE




    Try out the World Dialer app for free. Lite version restricted to just 4 countries. *Fast, easy navigation *Send codes direct to dialer, ready to dial! Try then upgrade to full version for access to dialing codes for 200+ countries. Keywords: country calling code, country calling codes,...

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