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Alien Shoot

The object of the game is to get to the end of each level while destroying as many aliens and collecting as much treasure as possible. There are three types of aliens - one that sits still, one that chaises you and one that shoots at you. If you touch any of them, or get shot, the level will end. There are three types of ammo for you to use and…

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Download AB1 - The Goblin Dungeon AB1 - The Goblin Dungeon icon
AB1 - The Goblin Dungeon

Welcome to the first game in the Amazonian Battles series. Games in this series are short casual turn based tactical combat games which can easily be played in less then an hour. Your objective in this game is to simply clean out the Goblin lair by killing all the goblins and Bane Dogs in the lair. You must first select your units (there are sev…

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Download Par 5 Mini-Golf Par 5 Mini-Golf icon
Par 5 Mini-Golf

This is an 18 hole par 5 mini-golf game. You will be allowed to take a look at the entire hole as it rotates in the view port before you begin playing each hole. To play the game first aim the ball by dragging your finger across the top of the screen. Then press and hold the round button at the bottom right of the screen to set the force at whic…

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Download Nuclei Mobile Nuclei Mobile icon
Nuclei Mobile

Use the arrow symbols to rotate the image in the middle of the screen to block blue incoming balls while allowing green incoming balls to enter the center of the screen. You get five points for each green ball allowed into the center and you get five points for each blue ball which leaves the screen. You loose five points for each blue ball which…

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Download Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter icon
Treasure Hunter

The object of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible before the game ends. Each round you will either have an encounter with a monster, find an item or piece of garbage, encounter a trap or find some treasure. You get a total of five rest breaks for your character to heal and the game will end when your character is dead at which po…

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Download Word Find Word Find icon
Word Find

Compete with your friends to see who can find all the hidden words in the grid. The words you will be searching for change with each new game so not two games are the same. The words you are trying to find are listed on the left side of the puzzle. Slide the mouse while holding down the left mouse button to select letters or use your finger to s…

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Download Ball Fall Ball Fall icon
Ball Fall

Descend through the maze as far as possible. Tilt the mobile device to the right or left to move the ball. If you get a bonus box the ball’s speed will increase for 5 seconds. You get 10 points for each floor your successfully pass. If the ball reaches the top of the screen the game will end. You will be given an opportunity to enter your high…

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Download Marble Match Marble Match icon
Marble Match

Click as many groups of marbles in 180 seconds as possible. You get 30 points for clicking a group of 3 marbles, 50 points for a group of 4 marbles, 100 points for a group of 5, 150 points for a group of 6, 200 points for a group of 7, 250 points for a group of 8 and 300 points for groups larger then 8. If you click on a single ball you will be p…

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Download Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch icon
Pumpkin Patch

You have this nice pumpkin garden. Trouble is you have a bunch of Zombies and Ghosts trying to harvest the pumpkins instead of the customers. Use the yellow fence above the garden to block the zombies and ghosts from getting the pumpkins while allowing the customers into the garden to get the pumpkins. Use your finger (or mouse) to touch and dra…

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Download Fruit Slice Fruit Slice icon
Fruit Slice

Apples will be thrown from the bottom of the screen. Slice them in two parts by dragging across them on the screen with your finger. You get 10 points for each apple sliced. If you let an apple leave the screen without slicing it your lives will be reduced by 1. If you slice a bomb by mistake the game will end immediately. The game will be ove…

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Download Free Sudoku Free Sudoku icon
Free Sudoku

This is a reusable Sudoku puzzle that generates a new Sudoku puzzle with each game play. Simply tap the desired square to increase the number in the square. You can check to see how many of the numbers you have gotten correct by clicking the Check Sudoku button on the left side of the screen. You can also restart the puzzle by clicking the Resta…

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Download MV1-Ratlings MV1-Ratlings icon

This is a short Adventure / Role Playing Game where the objective is to simply destroy a lair of Ratlings which has been plaguing the area. While this first game in the series focuses on melee combat it also includes some extra elements added to the game including healing potions, treasure, basic fixtures such as furniture and a small information…

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