Blue Phoenix Media

  • Russian Verbs!




    Search for English verbs and see the Russian equivalent with full conjugations! Includes perfective and imperfective aspects as well as present, past, future, conditional, imperative and participles! Includes over 450 Russian verbs!

  • My Wardrobe Lite




    Organize your closet by taking pictures of your clothes and then categorizing them! Search by color, type, brand or create your own tags for searching! This is the lite version, full version will have more features!

  • Clean Up!




    Clean up the screen with this simple touch screen game! A simple intuitive matching game which tests your reflexes and knowledge mapping skills! Have fun while learning about the countries of the world too!

  • English Verbs!




    Browse 6000 English verbs with conjugations and definition, including irregular verbs! Includes present and past participles with simple and progressive forms as well as plural. Definitions come from the wordnik dictionary online which requires internet access.

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