• Apps for Pebble

    Apps for Pebble




    Discover great applications for your Pebble smart watch! Being a proud Pebble smartwatch owner we often had a problem finding apps amidst the marketplace clutter. This application is shows you many different kinds of user submitted apps for Pebble. Each app serves a different purpose and has a...

  • Cat game

    Cat game




    Is your cat bored? Not anymore! With this app your cat spend hours of fun chasing ball, mice, or other animals on your tablet and rank up points. Make you and your cat happy! Cats can see some colours, and can tell the difference between red, blue and yellow lights, as well as between red...

  • Football in Brazil Wallpaper

    Football in Brazil Wallpaper




    The wonderful spirit of Football in Brazil is almost upon us. We’ve prepared awesome live wallpapers for you to support your heroes during the biggest Football event of spectacular proportions. Features: ★Animated Soccer ball, dressed in different flags. ★All 32 flags of the World...

  • Torch for Smartwatch 1&2

    Torch for Smartwatch 1&2




    Torch extension for Sony Smartwatch 1 & 2 enables you to use your smart watch as a source of light in a dark places. The app forces integrated Sony Smartwatch backlight into constant “switch on” state thus giving you the ability to use your Smartwatch as a flashlight. This application will...

  • Watch note for Smartwatch

    Watch note for Smartwatch




    Watch note is app for Sony Smartwatch 1&2 that is built on the Evernote ® platform. You can view your notes and notebooks directly on your Sony Smartwatch. No more searching for pin code, phone number or national identification number again. You can have all the information easy accessible...

  • Multimedia for Pebble

    Multimedia for Pebble




    Multimedia for Pebble Smartwatch is digital Swiss knife for your wrist. It empowers your media experience by interlinking technology of smartwatch and smartphone. It consist out of 3 main functionalities: ★Taking pictures remotely on your Phone by activating camera function on your Pebble....

  • Switch on for Pebble

    Switch on for Pebble


    Switch on for Pebble smartwatch is unique application that can help you do things faster. Do you need a WIFI hotspot? Not a problem. What about putting volume on Mute? No problem You can put your phone in different states with just a press of button on your Pebble smartwatch. How does it...

  • Scare friend for Pebble

    Scare friend for Pebble




    Scare friends with your Pebble smartwatch. Trigger terrifying picture accompanied with wild scream remotely from your Pebble. How does it work? -Install application to your Pebble -Select background and press start. -Give phone to your friends and tell them to inspect the picture. -When they...

  • Bitcoins for Pebble Smartwatch

    Bitcoins for Pebble Smartwatch




    Get the most recent Bitcoin prices on your Pebble Smartwatch. This unique watch face will provide you with all the necessary information about current Bitcoin price Features: ★ Watchface that provides time, date and most recent Bitcoin prices. ★ USD/EUR currency ★ Buy/Sell values ★...

  • Gun sounds for Pebble

    Gun sounds for Pebble




    Turn your Pebble smartwatch into an awesome weapon. Trigger different gun sounds directly from your wrist. How does it work? 1.Just select one out of 9 weapons on your Pebble smartwatch 2.You can trigger weapon sounds by pressing middle button on your Pebble. 3.Make sure the volume is not on...

  • Toilet flush for Pebble

    Toilet flush for Pebble


    Flush bad arguments and lousy jokes instantly with your Pebble smartwatch. Turn your smart watch into an awesome toilet flushing machine. Make sure you turn up your Media Volume to hear the flushes in all their glory. Easy way to prank people, great for using at school, during meetings or at...

  • Dog whistle for Pebble

    Dog whistle for Pebble




    You will love this app if you have a dog. Having dog whistle on your Pebble smartwatch is super cool and will help you to take control and to teach your pet a new tricks. ★Get the attention of your pet with your smartwatch ★4 Whistles with different frequency. ★Simple and joy to use ★It...

  • Find phone for Pebble

    Find phone for Pebble




    Your Pebble smartwatch can assist you at finding your phone or getting you out of weird situations. Features: ★Remotely trigger ringtone on your phone from your Pebble, ★Remotely trigger flashlight, ★Remotely trigger vibrations. Never search for your phone again. A way to get out of...

  • Productivity timer for Pebble

    Productivity timer for Pebble




    Productivity for Pebble is the ultimate time management application for your Pebble smartwatch. Application uses technique that boosts productivity by breaking down work periods into 25 minute slices, separated by short brakes. Transform your Pebble smart watch into this awesome productivity...

  • Whip for Pebble Smartwatch

    Whip for Pebble Smartwatch




    Whip for Pebble application turns your Smartwatch into a whip. Doing whip gestures with your hand will trigger a powerful whipping sound. There was a saying: “There is no better motivator than a sound of cracking whips." About: -Beautifully designed and crafted to perfection -Motion...

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