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  • Easy LED Display

    Easy LED Display




    ★★★Here comes the best LED display application in Google Market!★★★ "Easy LED Display" is brilliant application that everyone should have! Simple interface and powerful! ★How to use★ Enter your message, set options for the best display and touch the [Done] button. That's it! Very...

  • Cat trouble in mouse villeage

    Cat trouble in mouse villeage




    ★ Named What’s Hot by Apple★ ★ Named Staff Favorites by Apple ★ ★ Top 20 Educational Category in Korea★ ★We are really appreciate for your support!! Thank you!★ 'The book brand [Arbol] of publisher JIHAKSA Co., Ltd. is first introduced as classified brain training picture book. This...

  • Easy stop watch & timer

    Easy stop watch & timer




    Description: Simple and easy stop watch & timer. Portrait and landscape mode support How to use: ▶ Stop Watch Press - start counting Re-press - stop counting Long press - Reset ▶ Timer Drag numbers - setting numbers Press - Start count down Long press - Reset ▶ Setting button in timer...

  • Geo Quiz Free

    Geo Quiz Free


    Increase your geography knowledge about the world in a funny way. Who says the world geography, must be boring? With 'Geo Quiz' is that a thing of the past. In a playful way, you quickly get to know the countries of the world with their capitals and flags. You can choose in total three...

  • Sandwich Free

    Sandwich Free




    Sandwich Description - Place 9 toppings to make same sandwich with the example. How to play - Touch the sandwich toppings by the order. - You can play bonus stage after building some sandwiches successfully.

  • Word Puzzle Free

    Word Puzzle Free




    Word Puzzle A fun and interactive way for kids to learn their spelling and reading words! Word Puzzle provides each word by displaying a picture and pronounces the word and presents the letters that are needed to make the word. - Funny way to learn English words - Letters are pronounced...

  • Bubble Bubble ABC Free

    Bubble Bubble ABC Free




    Bubble Bubble ABC provides various images and interactions your child needs to learn the alphabet Features - 26 High quality image cards with cute cartoons - Flying Bubbles over your screen - Support each alphabet sounds - Alphabet game with a kitty

  • Zoo Zoo Dot Line Free

    Zoo Zoo Dot Line Free




    Description -Select the point where you want to start. Then select the other point to make a line. -You can't go through the line where you've been already feature - 50 unique challenging stages - Different levels of difficulty for all ages and skills - Puzzle game after clear...

  • IQ Block Free

    IQ Block Free


    -Description- Among the blocks, there is a special one(the largest) which must be moved to a special area designated by the game(center, lower part of the board). You are not allowed to remove block. You may only slide blocks horizontally and vertically Enjoy!

  • 우당탕탕 어린이 교통안전짱

    우당탕탕 어린이 교통안전짱




    ★★★학습 + 놀이!! 3가지 테마로 재미있는 우리 아이 교통안전교육!★★★ [우당탕탕 어린이 교통안전짱]은 ㈜비앤디가 한국소비자원 소비자안전센터 「어린이 안전넷」의 협조를 받아 제작한 ‘어린이 교통안전교육’을 위한 무료 어플리케이션입니다. (App내 결제 없음) ▶테마 1 [어린이 교통안전극장] 한국소비자원 소비자안전센터 「어린이 안전넷」에서 제공한 7가지 어린이 교통안전 애니메이션 수록! -애니메이션 목차- 1.횡단보도를 건널 때 2.자전거나 롤러블레이드를 탈 때 3.승용차에 탈 때 4.버스에서 내릴 때 5.밖에서 놀...

  • 탭플러스 위젯 2.0

    탭플러스 위젯 2.0




    ▶ 탭플러스 위젯 2.0입니다. 펌웨어 17차 이상인 분들은 반드시 본 버전(위젯 2.0)을 사용하세요. ▶ 펌웨어 17차 이하인 분들은 기존에 배포된 버전 (위젯 1.0)을 사용하세요. ▶ 태블릿 장치(호스트단말기)에 설치하여 사용하세요. [탭플러스 위젯 2.0 설치 시 주의사항] 1.탭과 탭플 연결이 되어 있으면 연결을 끊습니다. 2.기존에 설치되어 있는 widget을 삭제합니다. 3.widget 2.0을 설치 합니다. 4.바탕화면에서 widget 지정을 하면 TabHostWidget service를...

  • 탭플러스 위젯 1.0

    탭플러스 위젯 1.0




    ▶ 탭플러스 위젯 1.0입니다. 펌웨어 17차 이하인 분들은 본 버전 (위젯 1.0)을 사용하세요. ▶ 펌웨어 17차 이상인 분들은 반드시 업데이트 버전(위젯 2.0)을 사용하세요. ( 위젯 2.0 다운받기 -> ▶ 태블릿 장치(호스트단말기)에 설치하여 사용하세요. 탭플러스 공식 카페 :...

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