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  • Marine Corps Signal Manual

    Marine Corps Signal Manual


    Efficicient combat operations depend on clear,accurate and secure communication among ground units,naval and supporting air forces.control and coordination are achieved by the most rapid means of communication available between men and units.when electrical means of communication are not...

  • Ultimate How To Bump Lock's

    Ultimate How To Bump Lock's


    Every commercial location and every consumer can potentially be the victim of a technique of opening locks known as bumping. If they use conventional pin tumbler cylinders where they live, work, or transact business, then they may be at risk. A separate report has been released that demonstrates...

  • C.I.A. Lock Picking Manual

    C.I.A. Lock Picking Manual




    This is the official C.I.A. lock picking manual.The manual was given to all C.I.A. operatives. With this manual you learn how locks are designed.How to defeat the lock and the tools that are most used. This manual is for reference only.

  • S.A.S. Self Defense Manual

    S.A.S. Self Defense Manual




    The purpose of this book is to offer the ordinary law abiding citizen a series of tested and tried techniques which will help him or her avoid becoming a victim on the streets of todays urban jungles.Around 90% of successful self defense is to avoid violence.getting into a fight is easy...

  • USMCcloseCombatManual



    Learn close combat the USMC way. Today’s Marines operate within a continuum of force where conflict may change from low intensity to high intensity over a matter of hours. Marines are also engaged in many military operations other than war, such as peacekeeping missions or noncom- batant...

  • USMCtacticsManual



    This publication is about winning in combat. Winning requires many things: excellence in techniques, an appreciation of the enemy, exemplary leadership, battlefield judgment, and focused combat power. Yet these factors by themselves do not ensure success in battle. Many armies, both winners and...

  • FastFoodFavoriteCalorieCounter



    Fast Food Favorites Calorie Counter is an application that you use with your tablet or phone. With an internet connection you can get the calorie count of your favorite fast food meal. This application will show you the calorie count,Fat calorie,Transfats and more of all your favorites. Calorie...

  • Cut The Cable TV Cord

    Cut The Cable TV Cord


    With this manual we show you how to get rid of cable forever.We take you from start to finish creating your own HTPC.Using hardware that you may already have.And software that you can get for free.We give you all the link's to the software and hardware you may need.Link's and...

  • Unconventional Warfare Devices

    Unconventional Warfare Devices


    this manual is over 235 pages packed with information used by military's the world over.They use this manual to train troops in the art of weapons creation.From basic supply's needed to the construction and techniques used to deploy these weapons.How to pick targets and what should be...

  • U.S.A.F.Handbook



    Today, we are a force unmatched by anyone in the world, seasoned by over 16 years of continuous combat operations. We are the leaders in Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power, and most importantly, highly skilled and motivated Airmen. Our Airmen are the most important piece to execute our...

  • Marine Corps Sniping Manual

    Marine Corps Sniping Manual




    This is the official United States Marine Corps Sniping Manual.It goes thru all the training marines need to become a scout sniper.Showing all the tactics and techniques used to become an elite sniper.This manual is 204 pages long.All customers who purchase this application will get the pdf of...

  • Kay Sparrow Artist

    Kay Sparrow Artist


    Kay Sparrow is an up-and-coming young artist in Southern Maine. Her specialities include ceramics and painting, although she is also well versed in drawing, fabrics, jewelery, photography and other mixed media. In 2011, Kay became an officially licensed tattoo artist and piercing technician....

  • Lock Picking Secrets

    Lock Picking Secrets




    The big secret of lock picking is that it's easy. Anyone can learn how to pick locks. The theory of lock picking is the theory of exploiting mechanical defects. There are a few basic concepts and defnitions but the bulk of the material consists of tricks for opening locks with particular...

  • HarleyDavidsonFLElectraGlide



    elcome to the Harley-Davidson Motorcycling Family! Your new Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide motorcycle is designed and manufactured to be the finest in its field. The instructions in this book have been prepared to provide a simple and understandable guide for your motorcycle's operation and...

  • TellThemOff



    This is the english version of TellThemOff a fun application meant for entertainment value only.If you have someone you don't like or who you consider your enemy and you want to tell them what you think of them,but you can't bring yourself to act.All you have to do is pull out your phone...

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