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Bob Smolenski

  • ShredSF Circus

    ShredSF Circus




    Stapley Hildebrand is a fantastic package design firm in San Francisco. On occasion they like to dress up and throw a circus. Now - with the magic of apps - you can participate in the spectacle. Crank the handle and choose a game. Coming soon - Lion Tamer, Ball Juggler, Knife Thrower, Poop...

  • Power of Play

    Power of Play




    This is a game app for parents. Reminding us that unscheduled imaginative play goes far in preparing children for academic and social success. Proceeds from this app benefit the Haight Ashbury Community Nursery School (HACNS). Collection of simple interactive scenes that encourage touchscreen...

  • S.C.U.B.A. with Prof. Nautilus

    S.C.U.B.A. with Prof. Nautilus




    Professor Nautilus, inventor and marine biologist, has invented an ingenious contraption that allows him to explore the ocean depths. The contraption takes him from the kelp forest to the coral reef and from the bright surface to the dark and mysterious deep sea trenches. Pilot the contraption...

  • p2p Kendo

    p2p Kendo




    Kendo bout against your friends on a phone or tablet with a shared WiFi connection. "Peer to Peer." Kendo competition practice,Shiai-geiko 試合稽古. This is a companion game to Finger Kendo, the single player match simulator. Kendo (剣道 kendō), meaning "Way of The Sword," is a...

  • Open Field Echo Sounder

    Open Field Echo Sounder


    Race to GPS targets anywhere in the world. Audio game app for blind and visually impaired. Walk to the center of an open field and the virtual targets will be randomly placed around you. Touch screen to send out a sound. Listen with headphones for the echo to find directional cues to the...

  • Finger Kendo

    Finger Kendo




    Kendo sword-fight. Swipe to block opponent. Tap to score. Proceeds from sales benefit the Japanese Bilingual/Bicultural Program (JBBP) at Rosa Parks Elementary School in San Francisco. A public K-5 school. Realistic sound effects put you in the spirit of the Kendo 剣道, meaning "Way of The...

  • Finger Fencer

    Finger Fencer




    Real-Time P2P Fencing game with touchscreen foil, saber and épée. Drag to parry. Tap touché. Fence your friend on a shared WiFi connection. Also available - Fence against computer in "Round of 8" tournament against ever faster opponents. Weapons - Foil, Saber and Épée. Foil Rules:...

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