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We are a social enterprise with a dream to make school education interesting, relevant and affordable to every child on this planet. Watch our videos on YouTube to learn & download our Android app to practice a topic. Have fun while you learn.

Download My Body Parts My Body Parts icon

My Body Parts

This is a cool Science learning and practice app for kinder garten chi...

Free | 7.8 150

7.8 Users
Download Read Children Book Read Children Book icon

Read Children Book

"100% books within this app are FREE" Using this cool app, c...

Free | 7.8 149

7.8 Users
Download Create Children Book Create Children Book icon

Create Children Book

This cool app enables kids to create their own stories using a huge co...

Free | 8.2 97

8.2 Users
Download Draw N Learn Draw N Learn icon

Draw N Learn

Would you like your toddler or preschooler to learn about alphabets, n...

Free | 8.6 60

8.6 Users
Download Reap The Harvest Reap The Harvest icon

Reap The Harvest

This is a fun-filled educational app, where you need to help a farmer...

Free | 7.2 45

7.2 Users
Download Indian War Heroes Indian War Heroes icon

Indian War Heroes

This app is dedicated to Indian Defence Forces. It portrays the real s...

Free | 9.6 122

9.6 Users
Download Run For Food Run For Food icon

Run For Food

This is a fast paced children game, where you need to help different h...

Free | 7.8 27

7.8 Users
Download Rebuild The Farm Rebuild The Farm icon

Rebuild The Farm

This is a fun-filled children educational app, where you need to help...

Free | 7.6 25

7.6 Users
Download Area N Perimeter Area N Perimeter icon

Area N Perimeter

This cool app is part of “Fun and Learn” series which helps children t...

Free | 7.2 23

7.2 Users
Download Pluck The Fruit Pluck The Fruit icon

Pluck The Fruit

This is a fun-filled children educational app, where you need to help...

Free | 9.8 15

9.8 Users