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    We are a social enterprise with a dream to make school education interesting, relevant and affordable to every child on this planet. Watch our videos on YouTube to learn & download our Android app to practice a topic. Have fun while you learn.


    Download Read N Learn Toddler Book Read N Learn Toddler Book icon
    Read N Learn Toddler Book

    Would you like your toddler or preschooler to learn, while having fun? This cool app includes a 75+ high quality interactive books and learning games and tons of activities for toddlers and preschoolers. 65+ of the toddler preschool books and 500+ activities are FREE (ad monetized). You can also purchase ad-free version of the app as well as pa…

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    Download Study NCERT CBSE Videos Study NCERT CBSE Videos icon
    Study NCERT CBSE Videos

    Learn for free from one the most popular Indian school education channel on YouTube - BodhaGuru. Learn each topic of Science and Maths for class 1 to 8 by watching animated short story videos and detailed concept videos. Each video is available in English and Hindi language.For each class, the curriculum is aligned to NCERT list of topics - used i…

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    Download Comicker -The real comic maker Comicker -The real comic maker icon
    Comicker -The real comic maker

    “Create” and “Share” your imagination in form of the book of your choice – be it a Manga Comic, Story book, Jokes, Riddles....the possibilities are endless! Create awesome comics using 6000+ free images (characters, background, objects) categorized in following 23+ asset packs: • Abc – including text/paragraph, narration box, speech bubbles,…

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    Download Create Children Book Create Children Book icon
    Create Children Book

    AWARD WINNING APP - WON 1st price in Facebook Internet.Org Innovation Challenge - for students. This cool app enables kids (>6 years) to create their own stories using a huge collection (nearly 6000+ unique assets) of backgrounds, characters, objects and everything required to create a complete story book. Use different speech bubbles, effects,…

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    Download Indian War Heroes Indian War Heroes icon
    Indian War Heroes

    This app is dedicated to Indian Defence Forces. It portrays the real stories of real life heroes, who lead the way in keeping this nation safe and secure from all the enemies. Each story is beautifully depicted in the form of a graphic novel or a video. The graphic novels are part of Indian War Comics - an initiative by Maj Gen G D Bakshi SM, VSM…

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    Download Reap The Harvest Reap The Harvest icon
    Reap The Harvest

    This is a fun-filled educational app, where you need to help a farmer whose truck load of vegetables was eaten by a veggie monster.The farmer has to pluck the vegetables quickly, as he needs to deliver the vegetables to a customer who is ready to give him a good price for it. Your goal is to help the farmer to REAP THE HARVEST by picking AS MANY V…

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    Download Run For Food Run For Food icon
    Run For Food

    This is a fast paced children game, where you need to help different hungry animals (like hen, rabbit, wolf, lion) to eat their right food. You can TOUCH the screen to jump the animal to catch the right food (e.g. rabbit should jump to eat carrots). There will be different obstacles coming on the way - like a crocodile coming out of puddle to eat…

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    Download Area N Perimeter Area N Perimeter icon
    Area N Perimeter

    This cool app is part of “Fun and Learn” series which helps children to learn about Area and Perimeter. Help the farmer to measure the area of the land. Grow crops on the given area of land. Then save it from plant eating animals by putting a fence around it. But what should be the length of the fence? Learn how to measure area and perimeter of lan…

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    Download Rebuild The Farm Rebuild The Farm icon
    Rebuild The Farm

    This is a fun-filled children educational app, where you need to help a farmer whose farm got destroyed by a monster. The monster kept all the parts of the plants in a magic box. Your goal is to rebuild the farm by joining the different parts of the plants that come out from the magic box. There are two levels in the app - one level where you can j…

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    Download Alphabets Alphabets icon

    A colorful app for toddlers. It teaches alphabets through pictures.It teaches children alphabets through names of different objects. It plays sounds of animals, vehicles etc. to make it interesting (e.g. D for dog - A dog's picture comes with the barking sound). The app also pronounces the names of objects too. The child will get to learn how t…

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    Download Save The Drowning Animals Save The Drowning Animals icon
    Save The Drowning Animals

    This is a life saving game, where you need to save the land animals (wild or domestic) that are drowning in a flooded river. Your goal is to pull out as many land animals as you can from the water and move to their right homes (i.e. the domestic animal goes to village and the wild animal goes to jungle). Through this game, you can learn different…

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    Download VgyanGuru Online Class 1-3 Eng VgyanGuru Online Class 1-3 Eng icon
    VgyanGuru Online Class 1-3 Eng

    VgyanGuru Online is an immersive online application that enables primary class children (age 6-8 years) to learn science in an interesting way. THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES INTERNET ACCESS TO WATCH THE ONLINE CONTENT. We believe stories are the easiest and the most interesting form of explaining, remembering and applying any concept. Hence, each topic…

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