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  • Fréquence respiratoire

    Fréquence respiratoire




    This app allows the user to count and record resting respiratory rate for a number of different pets and then facilitates transfer of the information to the pets veterinarian. A user may also select to post the result on their facebook page or twitter.

  • Pig vaccination game

    Pig vaccination game




    The applet allows to virtually apply vaccines and protect pigs against common pathogens in pigs (first level against PCV2 and Mhyo; second level L. intracellularis).

  • Deu nó

    Deu nó




    Deu Nó é um jogo, que desafia as pessoas a desatar os nós na região abdominal. Para fazer isso, basta memorizar a sequência de sons emitida e, em seguida, repeti-la tocando os nós que estão no abdómen. A dificuldade aumenta a cada nível. Mas não se preocupe: se ficar muito difícil, você sempre...

  • IBS Diary

    IBS Diary




    The IBS Diary is designed to provide you with a simple tool to log your daily diet, stress and IBS symptoms, helping you to identify possible triggers for your IBS symptoms over time. You can also email the data recorded in the app to you at any stage.

  • Let's Talk Diary

    Let's Talk Diary


    LetsTalkDiary provides you with a simple tool to track your daily diet and constipation symptoms, helping you to identify possible triggers for your symptoms over time. LetsTalkDiary features a 28 Day Challenge, you are encouraged to make slight adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to see how...

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