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  • Trinkwasserrechner


    Die Applikation ermöglicht die Berechung einer Stammlösungsmenge für Dosiergeräte, wenn Sie Impfstoffe über das Trinkwasser bei Schweine verabreichen möchten. )

  • First Aid For Pets




    In an emergency situation, would you know what to do? Effective first aid could save your pet's life. First Aid for Pets Australia is an educational tool that contains many helpful and potentially life-saving articles for quick reference in the event of an emergency or potential health risk...

  • Nutrition in the Fast Lane


    This application gives you nutrition facts on more than 1,000 menu items offered by 26 of the most popular national fast-food and casual dining chains.

  • Ubrostar


    App that calculates the time of withdrawal of milk from a cow that has been treated with Ubrostar during the drying time. The calculator takes into account the exact moment the drying began until delivery. It calculates the time remaining to eliminate milked milk from birth and so respect the...

  • IPF Challenge


    Die idiopathische Lungenfibrose (IPF) ist eine chronisch progrediente interstitielle Lungenerkrankung unbekannter Ursache. Das typische inspiratorische Knisterrasseln, das bei der Auskultation zu hören ist, ähnelt dem Geräusch eines sich öffnenden Klettverschlusses. Es ist ein wichtiger Hinweis...

  • KOL-Guidelines DLS 2012


    Denne applikation er baseret på Dansk Lungemedicinsk Selskabs (DLS) behandlingsvejledning og er udviklet specifikt til sundhedspersonale, som et værktøj til klassificering af KOL-sværhedsgrad. I appen vurderes patienten udfra symptomer og risiko. Appen viser samtidig den anbefalede behandling...

  • Sai Cólica




    O aplicativo Sai Cólica tem como objetivo auxiliar as mulheres oferecendo o serviço de calendário do ciclo menstrual, com todas as informações que elas precisam saber sobre seu ciclo, como prováveis dias de tensão pré-menstrual e prováveis dias de menstruação. Além disso, o aplicativo tem o...

  • KOLS




    Programmet er utviklet for å klassifisere pasienter med kols. Ved å kombinere lungefunksjon, eksaserbasjons historie og symptomer, rangeres pasienten i henhold til alvorlighetsgrad av sykdommen. Ut fra alvorlighetsgraden anbefales ulike behandlingsalternativer basert på gjeldende GOLD...

  • Reiseapotheke


    Die Reiseapotheke-App liefert Ihnen Empfehlungen für die Zusammenstellung Ihrer individuellen Reiseapotheke im Sinne einer Auswahl an möglicherweise sinnvollen Produkten. Durch Eingabe einiger Angaben wie Alter, Hautbeschaffenheit sowie zu Reisevorlieben erhalten Sie in Zusammenhang mit einer...

  • Let's Talk Diary




    LetsTalkDiary provides you with a simple tool to track your daily diet and constipation symptoms, helping you to identify possible triggers for your symptoms over time. LetsTalkDiary features a 28 Day Challenge, you are encouraged to make slight adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to see how...

  • IBS Diary




    The IBS Diary is designed to provide you with a simple tool to log your daily diet, stress and IBS symptoms, helping you to identify possible triggers for your IBS symptoms over time. You can also email the data recorded in the app to you at any stage.

  • IPF Sound Challenge




    Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic, progressive form of interstitial lung disease and the unique Velcro crackles commonly seen in patients with IPF are an indicator that further investigation is required. The IPF Sound Challenge allows you to practice identifying various respiratory...

  • Deu nó




    Deu Nó é um jogo, que desafia as pessoas a desatar os nós na região abdominal. Para fazer isso, basta memorizar a sequência de sons emitida e, em seguida, repeti-la tocando os nós que estão no abdómen. A dificuldade aumenta a cada nível. Mas não se preocupe: se ficar muito difícil, você sempre...

  • Calculadora DPOC




    Aplicativo desenvolvido para avaliação de risco do paciente com DPOC. Através da avaliação combinada da função pulmonar, números de exacerbações e sintomas, o paciente é classificado de acordo com a gravidade da doença. Além disso, este aplicativo informa todos tratamentos vigentes, de acordo...

  • Fréquence respiratoire




    This app allows the user to count and record resting respiratory rate for a number of different pets and then facilitates transfer of the information to the pets veterinarian. A user may also select to post the result on their facebook page or twitter.

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