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Music Man

The fastest way to learn or master note reading! And its free. The musical staff is now digital, and at your fingertips. Features: Enable note name hints Treble and Bass Clef! Play classic songs (more coming soon!) Complete objectives along the way Game center Share your score Try to beat the creators score!! (380 notes) Music Man is a unique app…

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Prefix King

Weither you are studying for the SAT or need to learn prefixes for English class, this app has a great reference of common prefixes. Learn word meaning from their Latin and Greek origins. No internet connection required to use this app!

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Taekwon Dojo

Prepare yourself for your next belt test anywhere. Learning Taekwon-Do has never been easier with demonstrative videos, pattern breakdowns, and easy access to trivia. This app has everything you will need to master your patterns and required study materials like the meaning of each belt, moves in each pattern, and student oaths and tenants. All P…

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Guess The Song

This app is perfect for the pop music lover! If you love a challenge, and pop music, this app is for you. Here is how it works: Tapping a button plays a small snippet of a recent pop song, and you must guess the song name and artist. Good luck!

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Guess the Lyrics Pro

SO MANY UPDATES! Added dubstep quiz! But if thats not your thing, there are plenty of others including alt (alternative), pop, rap, etc. Just updated! Dozens of new popular songs added. Updates include: Play the new Rap pack - with artists like Kanye West, Drake, and B.o.b NEW! Alternative Pack! Since alternative music is going mainstream, th…

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Red Player Always Wins

This classic game of Air Hockey has a little twist. Well, maybe a big twist. You know that friend of your who wins at everything? Or the parent or sibling you need to get back at? Look no further. Red Player Wins is classic ice hockey, with an unnoticeable method that makes the red player ALWAYS win, guaranteed! How it works: The goals of both p…

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Doodle Ride

This puzzle game tests the limits of your creativity. You will have to think in new ways to overcome each level. Editor Picked by! ★★★★★ -Bosco's Grindhouse "An innovative and addicting concept unlike any other." -Blog for Teens. There is no GPS. You create the roads. You build your own path to victory. Doodle Ri…

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Avvecc Premium Search

Avvecc is the new, premium search engine. Well, its more than a search engine. It is a FIND engine. Forget a results page, Avvecc takes you to the most relavent result. Don't like the one Avvecc suggested? Simply tap and see the results page. Great for: Searching faster Using during slow connections Saving time "Changing the way we…

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