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  • Aero Launcher - Live Wallpaper




    Aero Launcher is the easiest, safest and most beautiful launcher for Android. ★ Easy to use tabs ★ Stunning animated themes ★ 1000's of free themes ★ No scary app permissions Highlights of Aero Launcher ★ Easy to use tabs - Aero categorizes your apps as an app or a game, and sorts them into...

  • One Clue




    CAN YOU RECOGNIZE A WORD GIVEN A LETTER AND CLUE? One Clue is the best word puzzle game on Google Play! We show you 1 letter and an interesting clue and it's up to you to unscramble 1 word. There are hints at your disposal that will help you if you ever get stumped. We're created...

  • Loops Legends - two dots game




    Connect colored DOTS in this addictive puzzler! Featuring: ★ Over 200 loopy levels - 2x twodots ★ Global leaderboards

  • 5.0

    Scratch Pics 1 Word




    Scratch the picture and guess what it is really quickly

  • Pocket Auctions eBay




    Winner of eBay's Star Developer Award! - Speedy access to eBay - Bid timer countdowns for eBay - My eBay - Search ebay active/completed - Bid & Buy it Now - ebay notifications - ebay Messaging - Supports USA, UK, DE, AU, CA, FR, IT, ES

  • Two Truths One Lie




    Two Truths One Lie is a classic get-to-know you party game, now on your mobile device! You and each of your friends say two truths and one lie about themselves. The goal is to figure out which statement is actually the lie! Which of your friends knows you the best? * Play with all your closest...

  • 7.0

    Loops - the ultimate dots game




    Create loops and connect same-colored dots

  • 7.0

    WikiMobile 2 (for Wikipedia)




    WikiMobile 2 for Wikipedia is just a non-official wikipedia mobile version

  • Type Racer - fast typing game!




    Race your friends to see how fast you can type on your phone! * "ADDICTIVE - 10 stars" * "Simplest and most FUN of the typing games!" * "Best typing test. I'm a typing maniac!"

  • 7.0

    Jewel Stacker




    Stack the jewels on top of each other and do it fast

  • 7.0

    WikiMobile 2 Pro for Wikipedia




    WikiMobile 2 for Wikipedia is just a non-official wikipedia mobile version

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