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  • Philosophical Fling




    One blindfold. Two lovers. Several witnesses. Two cops. One experience he'll never forget. Philosophical Fling by Vee Michaels Genre: Erotica Word Count: 3,162 Length: Short Story This story is only available to those over 18 in age. If you Enjoy Vee Michael's short stories read her...

  • Elsati's Reward




    This is a Free download of the first story in the Silver-eyed Lion. A great new fantasy series: Elsati's Reward: Fisk, a veteran of the Eighth Imperial Regiment of Elsati, finds himself at the threshold of the enchanted Van-Hoon Estate. Why? Because none have returned alive. His goal:...

  • The Game


    Kim has been burned by love one too many times. Being a college student and trying to focus on her studies while nursing a broken heart just isn't on her agenda anymore. When a biology project turns into a game that can satisfy her sexual desires, while allowing her to keep her feelings at...

  • I Am Sorrow




    Silver-eyed Lion Collection A continuation of I Am Pain D.J. Richter Long ago, the Summoners imagined a dragon. Ever since, the Nagella have reigned supreme over the night sky, striking fear into the heart of the bravest warrior. However, seemingly from nowhere, a World Power has risen up and...

  • The Reluctant Heir


    Clarke, the Earl of Garrison, has returned from war with a dark secret. He holds himself responsible for the death of the younger brother of the woman he loves. Will Adeline be able to unearth the truth as romance and intrigue deepens? Is she strong enough to help Clarke come to grips with the...

  • Relic Number 87


    In the not too distant future a relic from a past civilization is held prisoner. Ban, the king of the Light is relic number 87 and is contained within a stasis cell under the watchful eyes of Dr. Zimmer. Ban has to escape from this prison to gain his freedom and bring justice to those that...

  • Duel in Springfield


    Often called the "Prince of Pistoleers", Wild Bill Hickok is still regarded as one of the most colorful of Old West characters. Numerous biographers are still trying to come to grips with his multifaceted fighting skills and his magnetic personality. Dave Tutt, his antagonist, was also...

  • Love and World Eaters


    A Chicago Field Museum assistant is suddenly forced to experience the past of every artifact she touches. This unasked for ability quickly entangles her in one of the greatest Who Dunnits? of all time: the murder of Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father. Short Story-9,700 Words Paranormal...

  • Elise of the Islands


    Trust fund baby Elise drifted around the world from beach to beach, party to party, alone in a crowd, until seven years ago she came to rest in the Islands. Here she has made an undemanding life for herself in this tropical paradise, independent of both the tourists and the natives. Only the...

  • Fragments - Hugh Fox


    “Hugh Fox has long been a legend in the annals of contemporary American poetry, a poet who is unafraid to explore the deeper fodder of the human psyche....there are no barriers here for Fox is a shaman who walks through walls, ignoring all social rules and is life as art. Fox...

  • Just a Little Off Key


    The night of their wedding rehearsal, Susan begs off early, planning to contemplate her last wedding eve hours. In a last mad spur of the moment thought, she dresses in a purple tie-dyed outfit and returns to an old neighborhood club she haunted in high school and college. She encounters Brad...

  • The Understudy


    Aspiring pop musician Sossity Chandler lands a much-needed job in a play that has a part for a folk singer. The money is welcome, and she has acted before, but she did not anticipate encountering a stage ghost as part of the deal. Research tells her the woman was murdered just before the premier...

  • Burning Light Within


    Burning Light Within- Historical Romance Short Story After pulling her former unrequited love, Caleb, from the ocean when his skiff went down just off the Dry Tortuga Lighthouse beach, Vanessa wants nothing more than for him to leave her island and head back to Fort Jefferson. Caleb has come to...

  • Heavenbloom


    Steampunk/Fantasy/Adventure Short Story Commander Sam Jagering has never seen a crime like this - a whole firma settlement raised and hundreds killed. As the leader of a team of Constables responsible for maintaining peace and order amongst the sky-peoples, Sam's first duty is to hunt and...

  • Potter's Forest Book 2


    Horror might be in your back yard! Woodview Heights: Legacy of Decadence—Potter’s Forest Welcome back to the Heights. The neighborhood is still here and the people that inhabit it. But we’re in a different time now, a time when the residents were a little bit younger but had in no way lost...

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