• Sprial Drive




    Original Space based RTS designed by nicotuason with intuitive controls and immaculate HD graphics. 31 uniquely constructed levels challenge even the most advanced strategy game players. Can you complete Spiral Drive? =================================== Take command of your fleet and battle...

  • Swing Striker




    Soccer... as a bloodsport! Play soccer tied to the ceiling using a grappling hook to swing! Swing over water and lava, tackle each other until limbs fall off, and must swing into the soccer ball to get goals. We now bring you that awesomeness for you to enjoy in this 1-4 player game! Play...

  • Knife Game




    Hey guys! Watch this totally cool trick I can do! I can poke between my fingers faster than you! Ready watch! ... .. ..OUCH!! MY FINGERS! Taking the classic dangerous game and giving you more challenge with less of the pain! With 10 levels and an unlimited mode you'll have tons of fun...

  • 5.0

    Hamster Cage Escape




    Help the hamster escape by solving the mystery

  • Escape 3D: The Jail




    Escape Jail! Use your escape skills to find hidden objects, combine them and break out of jail. In this 3D escape game, learn about your alter ego and what it takes to escape the confines of prison. Race the clock, or else the prison guard will catch you and he'll extend your sentence!...

  • Escape 3D: The Bathroom




    I woke up in a bathroom with no memory.. The door was locked so I have no way to escape.. I need to FIND A WAY OUT OF HERE! Try to escape the room by solving the seemingly unsolvable puzzle. Touch objects to pick them up and drag them onto other ones to combine them. Try to figure out a way to...

  • Election Ejection 2012




    Choose your presidential victim and perfectly time your ejection button to smash each candidate through the convention walls. Upgrade and unlock achievements as you destroy each of these politicians careers. Have fun, and don't forget!

  • 7.0

    Berzerk Ball 2




    Make the geek fly as far as possible and hurt him deeply

  • Escape 3D: Library




    WARNING: THIS ESCAPE GAME IS FREE ESCAPE 3D: LIBRARY CONTAINS 3 FULL LEVELS ★★★★★★ I’ve been going to the library everyday for the past month...who thought you would have to study so much in college? As an adrenaline rush of boredom surges throughout my body, I accidentally pushed a...

  • Escape 3D: The Vault




    You are a master thief going for the big score. When the Bank of Boredmerica proudly announced they are storing the World's Most Precious Gem at the vault, you devised a plan to break in and steal it. In the middle of the heist, the door suddenly shut closed! You must escape before you run...

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