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Antibiotics pocket

The Antibiotics pocket, by Prof. Hof, MD and R. Knueppel, MD, Andreas Russ, MD, contain a summary of empiric antibiotic regimens, antibiotic activity data, and other critical infectious disease management information made easily accessible. App highlights: - Common empiric antibiotic regimens for a broad range of infections including sepsis, endo…

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Psychiatry pocket

The Psychiatry App contains comprehensive guidelines on important and commonly seen psychiatric illness, organized in a concise and easily accessible manner. The app includes diagnostic and treatment guidelines, management algorithms, useful scores and scales, and drug administration tables detailing commonly used psychiatric medications. The cont…

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Anesthesiology pocketcards

The Anesthesiology pocketcards is a concise clinical reference guide with a compilation of scores, classifications, algorithms, and dosage information necessary for the anesthesiologist’s environment. It includes a complete hypothermia treatment algorithm, a pediatric drug dosage table, important vitals as well as the difficult airway algorithm.…

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Alzheimer's Disease Pocketcard

Manage Alzheimer’s disease with confidence. The Alzheimer’s Disease Pocketcard app helps physicians and other health care professionals care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) at the point of care. The app features clinically relevant information on AD and interactive tools to help clinicians efficiently assess patients and interview their…

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ECG pocketcards

The ECG pocketcards provide * a quick reference for identifying all common ECG findings, such as hypertrophy, AV conduction defects, arrythmias and more * a concise summary of how to record and read an ECG and a standardised evalutation sheet * scales of 2 x RR (25 mm/s and 50mm/s), plus amplitudes (mV), times and intervals(ms)

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PFT a-pocketcards LITE

The PFT a-pocketcards provides a precise display of all parameters you need for performing and interpreting pulmonary function tests. The app contains concise tables and illustrations, making it a valuable resource during patient evaluation, on hospital rounds, or as a medical reference. Content includes: * Indications and contraindications for…

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Surgery pocketcards

The surgery pocketcards app is the newest collection of essential pocket tools for today's surgeon. It is illustrated and interactive. Including: § Abdominal evaluation: history and physical examination | differential diagnosis of pain, mass, bowel obstruction and gastrointestinal bleeding | Child-Turcotte-Pugh classification | Ranson’s crit…

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Differential Diagnosis pocket

The Differential Diagnosis pocket is a compact reference work that provides the basic foundation for formulating a thorough list of differential diagnosis. Completely updated version! New: § Ergonomic home screen design with more features including SD card backup § Additional systematic table of contents for categorized access Contains over 80…

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ECG pocket

The ECG pocket is an essential and easy‐to‐use tool for the understanding and interpretation of ECG. With lots of practical examples this app provides all you need to know for your daily routine. Including ‐ index based searchlist ‐ history‐function ‐ ”last viewed” button ‐ notes and bookmarks All necessary information about ECG – always at your…

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Pain Management pocketcards

Don't let your patients be in pain! The Pain Management pocketcards provide you with: - Guidelines on the assessment and management of pain - Breakthrough pain management and rescue dosing - Opioid equianalgesic dosing table - Management of opioid-related adverse events

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