• Doctor Online symptom checker

    Doctor Online symptom checker




    Doctor Online is a set of health and nutrition tools, at this moment this app includes this health tools: - Symptom Checker: allows you discover the most common causes of the most common symptoms in a quick an easy away - First Aid by symptoms: Type the main symptom or keyword (rapid pulse,...

  • Tronix





    Tronix is a graph-based puzzle game. The goal of the game is to arrange the points of the graph in such a way that no lines of the graph cross and no point is sitting on top of any of the lines. - Totally free game (no IAP) - 20 levels - Autosave - No internet connection required

  • Two players Tic Tact Toe

    Two players Tic Tact Toe


    Simple and totally free Tic Tac Toe classic game, with classic 3x3 and also 5x5 mode, and with two players in the same device feature It doesnt require connection, you can play offline and it is a 100% free game

  • TV Listings Guide

    TV Listings Guide




    Find out what's on TV today anytime with a few taps of your finger. Scroll through 100 TV channels or select an hour. When selecting by channel icon, you see a list of all programs on that network by hour. Browsing by hour shows all channel programming at that time. Both modes show program...

  • Woblox slide puzzle

    Woblox slide puzzle




    Wooden blocks sliding puzzle, if you enjoy block puzzles and games, you cant miss this game - 100% free - 45 levels - Autosave

  • Calories fats proteins carbs

    Calories fats proteins carbs




    The following app provides details of the energy (Kilo Calories), Proteins (grs), Carbohydrates (grs) and Fats (grs) for 100 grs of various foods. If you are keeping a diet, you are trying to lose weight, or you have to take care about proteins you eat, this app will help you

  • Calorias, grasas y proteinas

    Calorias, grasas y proteinas




    Estas siguiendo alguna dieta?te has puesto a regimen hace poco? entonces necesitas esta Calculadora calorías, proteínas, hidratos de carbono y grasas Eligelos alimentos, elige la cantidad y obtén cuantas calorías, proteínas, hidratos de carbono y grasas vas a ingerir A diferencia de otras...

  • Daily horoscope 2013

    Daily horoscope 2013




    Daily horoscope summary from AOL horoscopes, Yahoo horoscopes, MSN Live horoscopes, cosmopolitan horoscopes,,,, and more (new sources added regulary) All in one application, dont waste time browsing diferent horoscopes, here you will find...

  • Differential diagnosis

    Differential diagnosis




    With this app you can discover a specific condition by answering yes or no to the questions that the app will ask you Its like having a mini Gregory House in your mobile :)

  • Hangman +

    Hangman +




    Classic hangman game integrated with google game services splitted in five categories with increassing difficulty - Fruits - Animals - Countries - Capitals - Celebrities - Movies totally free, not in-app purchases, no ads, 100% free and avalaible offline (You dont need data connection in order to...

  • Stock investment tools

    Stock investment tools




    This app include - Analyst's recommendations from top analyst firms (FBR Capital, UBS, Wunderlich, Cowen, Stifel, Imperial Capital, Oppenheimer, Aegis Capital, CRT Capital, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, City, RBC Capital Mkts ...) - Economic calendar agenda and results - Economic News about...

  • Toros y tauromaquia

    Toros y tauromaquia




    Noticias y videos sobre el mundo de los toros y la tauromaquia Descubre las últimas noticias de tu pasión favorita con esta aplcaición, de fácil manejo e intuitiva Recopilamos noticias de toros de más de 20 fuentes, y en breve se añadirán más

  • NGO and solidarity news

    NGO and solidarity news




    Minute updated news from most important NGOs in the world and solidarity Tired of economic and political news?another world is possible and another news also NGOs included(we will add more) - CARE - Oxfam - World Vision International - CAFOD - Doctors Without Borders - HealthRight International -...

  • Indian Music

    Indian Music




    News, Videos, Images and music from the most important indian singers Singers Aarti-Mukherji Amar-Pal Amiya-Tagore Amrik-Singh-Arora Anindya-Bose Ansuman-Roy Antara-Chowdhury Anup-Ghoshal Anupam-Roy Arati-Mukherjee Asha-Bhosle Banasri-Sengupta Bappi-Lahiri Bengali-Music...

  • I love TV

    I love TV




    Do you love tv?discover with this apps the recent news of the biggest tv channels in US Their recent series, episodes, shows, movies, program ... all the tv world in your hand Receive notifications with last news, tablet and mobile optimized, easy interface, offline navigation enabled...

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