• CarlTune - Chromatic Tuner

    CarlTune - Chromatic Tuner




    It displays note, frequency, octave, and cents all together. Easy to know where the current tuning sound is in scale and and how it is far from the standard frequency. Please visit "" for more detail. Features : 1. main view on center...

  • UWord - vocabulary manager

    UWord - vocabulary manager




    UWord is a tool for the people who study foreign language. This is a vocabulary manager that help you memorize many vocabularies efficiently. You can make several wordbooks up to 64 and input your own vocabularies in those as many as you want. It supports importing/exporting to excel file. So,...

  • MelodyLine - Handy Composer

    MelodyLine - Handy Composer




    Simple and fun to make your music. All you have to do is to draw lines or dots and play it. Easy, fast, and simple way to do musical experiment. You can convert the generated melody to a MIDI file and attach it to email. Try to make your own melody at any time, and anywhere. [Main...

  • Chorditor - Chord Editor

    Chorditor - Chord Editor




    Essential tool for the Guitar! Chorditor is a tool for chord search, add, edit, play, compose, etc. There are 2 main features. 1. Guitar Chord Chart - simple/easy to browse chords - showing all variations by one touch - expandable/customizable chords - backup/restore chord database - split chord...

  • Practice - Language Partner

    Practice - Language Partner




    ★ Awarded from 2012 ECONOVATION 4th Fair Are you learning a foreign language? Do you want to find a partner to practice a foreign language? Do you want to do language-exchange with native speakers? People are waiting for you to study a foreign language as you. Practice a foreign language,...

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