• Hidden Object Games - Symbols

    Hidden Object Games - Symbols




    Hidden object game where you need to find all hidden symbols in selected picture in given time. Symbols are well hidden so you need a sharp eye to find them all. You have progress bar to know when you are done. Game also offers gameplay in relaxed mode - no time limit. You score can be saved and...

  • Hidden Object Games - Balloons

    Hidden Object Games - Balloons




    One of the best hidden object games ever created. Play the game in 2 different modes. Your objective is to find hidden baloons on the picture. Find all the balloons on the picture and be the best player for hidden object games. There are several different levels with time limit. In every level...

  • New Movies

    New Movies




    Daily update of new movies released into market. This app offers list of newest movies on the market beginning with the one that was last released. So if you want to be up to date with what movies are being released this is perfect app for you. Application is limited to 50 movies so you'll...

  • Best Movies

    Best Movies




    Are you up to date with latest and best movies on the world. This app is daily updated with top movies currently playing in our cinemas and movie theaters. Data is gathered from daily updated website with list of best movies currently on the net. Be up to date with what's happening in...

  • Best Jokes

    Best Jokes




    Best Jokes app for android is one of my favorite. There is a bunch of good and best jokes from different categories. Computer jokes, Blonde jokes, Medical jokes and more. After selecting a category after 5 seconds you will see your joke. So begin your countdown and start laughing. Smiling is...

  • Legendary Quotes and Sayings

    Legendary Quotes and Sayings




    Biggest collection of quotes, quotations and sayings from various authors. There is more than 19.000 quotes organized in different categories. There are more than 200 quote categories. After selecting category quote will be showed to you in 5 seconds. Enjoy in motivational, positive, life ,...

  • Memory for Toddlers

    Memory for Toddlers




    Great learning and teaching game wrapped into memory game type. This is classical memory game for kids with playing in 2 modes. One mode is standard mode as most of memory games are played. Other option is simple mode when you see pictures of cards so it helps kids finishing the game. Game is...

  • New Songs

    New Songs




    New songs every day. This app shows you 50 new songs released in year 2014. Chart is refreshed on daily basis and it's data comes from one of the most updated chart list and website in the world. So if you want to be up to date and listen to newst music then this is the right app for you....

  • Toy Puzzle for Toddlers

    Toy Puzzle for Toddlers




    Perfect game for learning. Game is specially designed for kids , children aged between 1 and 3 years - toddlers. Simple puzzle game that every child will love to play. Toddler will learn how to create for example duck from few puzzle elements or any other toy available in the game. There are 7...

  • Top Songs

    Top Songs




    Daily chart of top songs. Every day we deliver you and update our best songs list from all across the world. Charts are gathered from source with most updated chart of top songs in the world. In memory of Whitney Houston we selected it to be our primary screen shot of the app. Hope you find what...

  • Hidden Object Games - Beers

    Hidden Object Games - Beers




    Another one in series of hidden object games. This time niche is specially designed for man. You objective is to find all the beer's in the picture. There are 5 beers per level. Game also contains standard high score and badges system linked to all other hidden object games. Each level is...

  • Hidden Object Games - Daisy

    Hidden Object Games - Daisy




    Perfect Classical Hidden Object Game - topic daisy. Game contains few panorama screenshots where your job is to find all the daisies in the picture. There is small help by showing you progress bar that indicates how much of daisies you need to find until you finish this level. Each level is...

  • Hidden Object Games-Seahorses

    Hidden Object Games-Seahorses




    Sea images where you need to find seahorses and mark them. This is type of the game called hidden object game. Your mission is to search for all the seahorses on the picture and mark them. Game contains few difficult levels so you need to finish them all to finish the game. Progress bar will...

  • Hidden Object Games - Turtles

    Hidden Object Games - Turtles




    Turtles is the best fast playing hidden object game. Game is put out with few levels where in each level you need to find all the turtles on the picture. Finding them all will bring you next level of the game. Progress bar will assist you so you'll know when you are near the end of completing...

  • Hidden Object Games - Keys

    Hidden Object Games - Keys




    Classical Hidden Object Game - theme: Keys. Seek and find the keys on every picture. Each level is a little bit harder then the previous one. You mission is seek for all the keys on the selected picture. To find them all you need to have sharp eye and fast fingers. Progress bar will show you...

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