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    Hidden Balloons

    If you like balloon games, you will definitely like this one - no matter if you're kid or adult. We hide 5 balloons in every scene. If you're lucky, you will find all balloons and continue to the next scene. To make the game more challenging, search for balloons is time limited. If you're stuck with last hidden balloon, use the hint but…

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    Download Can You Find a Cat? Can You Find a Cat?  icon
    Can You Find a Cat?

    Hidden objects game - CATS One of hidden object games where your skills do matter, to find a hidden cat is not an easy job. Yes. It's quite challenging to find the kitten. You will have to become a master detective if you want to prosper in this game. Find and seek game requires dedication, commitment, endurance, full battery and a finger. A ma…

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    Download Hidden Rings Hidden Rings icon
    Hidden Rings

    Find all the rings hidden somewhere in the picture. This is classical hidden object game. It has few levels so you need to play fast to finish the game according to the rules. In each level, rings are harder to spot but you have a progress bar showing you how much rings you need to find to finish current level. So don't waste your time and star…

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    Download Hidden Butterflies Hidden Butterflies icon
    Hidden Butterflies

    Hidden Butterflies is one most favorable hidden object game that we ever developed till now. It has a great theme, latest game play methods and it's still one in badge and high score system competition. We offer two modes of play: - Classical game play where you must find as much butterflies as possible in 5 minuts time period. - Relaxed mode f…

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    Download Hidden Frogs Hidden Frogs icon
    Hidden Frogs

    Hidden frogs is latest in our collection of hidden object games. We offer 2 mode of play: Classic mode (5 minutes) and Relaxed mode. Again you can start collecting badges and get on the high score list of all time best players. Game is about finding all the 5 frogs on the picture (progress bar to see how you are doing). After that you will proceed…

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    Download Hidden Object Games - Beers Hidden Object Games - Beers icon
    Hidden Object Games - Beers

    Another one in series of hidden object games. This time niche is specially designed for man. You objective is to find all the beer's in the picture. There are 5 beers per level. Game also contains standard high score and badges system linked to all other hidden object games. Each level is harder to solve then previous one. You mission is to f…

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    Download Hidden Object Games-Seahorses Hidden Object Games-Seahorses icon
    Hidden Object Games-Seahorses

    Sea images where you need to find seahorses and mark them. This is type of the game called hidden object game. Your mission is to search for all the seahorses on the picture and mark them. Game contains few difficult levels so you need to finish them all to finish the game. Progress bar will assist you so you'll know you are near the end. Div…

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    Download Hidden Object Games - Shells Hidden Object Games - Shells icon
    Hidden Object Games - Shells

    Find and collect all the sea shells. They are difficult to spot but once you find them all on the picture you will progress into new level. This is classical hidden object game. type. It contains few levels and you have a help of progress bar so you see when you find almost all the shells on the beach. Don't waste your time and start collecting…

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    Download Hidden Object Games - Mouse Hidden Object Games - Mouse icon
    Hidden Object Games - Mouse

    Hidden Object Game. Find all the mousses on the picture so they don't eat all the cheese. Game consist 5 levels of hidden mousses that you need to find. Each level your mission is to find hidden animals to complete the level. There will be progress bar showing you how much far from finishing the level are you. So if you have a sharp eye and few…

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    Download Hidden Object Games - Spoons Hidden Object Games - Spoons icon
    Hidden Object Games - Spoons

    Hilarious game where you need to find spoons in the image. In the start it's easy but then it gets harder when you are near to find all the spoons on the picture. This is classical hidden object type games. It reminds me on my youth cause we spent a lot of time playing this games. Game also contains progress bar which indicates that you are ne…

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