• Hidden Object Games - Shells

    Hidden Object Games - Shells




    Find and collect all the sea shells. They are difficult to spot but once you find them all on the picture you will progress into new level. This is classical hidden object game. type. It contains few levels and you have a help of progress bar so you see when you find almost all the shells on the...

  • Hidden Object Games - Spoons

    Hidden Object Games - Spoons




    Hilarious game where you need to find spoons in the image. In the start it's easy but then it gets harder when you are near to find all the spoons on the picture. This is classical hidden object type games. It reminds me on my youth cause we spent a lot of time playing this games. Game also...

  • Hidden Object Games - Rings

    Hidden Object Games - Rings




    Hidden Rings. Find all the rings hidden somewhere in the picture. This is classical hidden object game. It has few levels so you need to play fast to finish the game according to the rules. In each level, rings are harder to spot but you have a progress bar showing you how much rings you need to...

  • Hidden Object Games - Mouse

    Hidden Object Games - Mouse




    Hidden Object Game. Find all the mousses on the picture so they don't eat all the cheese. Game consist 5 levels of hidden mousses that you need to find. Each level your mission is to find hidden animals to complete the level. There will be progress bar showing you how much far from finishing...

  • Math Memo Genius

    Math Memo Genius


    Do you really know math and you think you have a good memory. It's time you think again. This game combines both memory and math and makes exciting new discoveries of yourself that you are not so smart as you think you are. Goal of the game is to clear the matrix of numbers by selecting them...

  • Shadow Match

    Shadow Match




    Shadow Match is excellent brain and sight game where you must find matching shadow of the main object. All shadows are slightly different and only one corresponds to original. So take few minutes of animal kingdom and solve this puzzle. This game is suitable for kids and for grown up persons...

  • Alien Attack

    Alien Attack




    Aliens invades the Earth. They took control in major cities around the world. It's up to you to find them all and eliminate them from this planet. Take your friends and clear the city from aliens. This is hide and seek for aliens on pictures of selected city. You have 3 minutes of time to...

  • Hidden Butterflies

    Hidden Butterflies




    Hidden Butterflies is one most favorable hidden object game that we ever developed till now. It has a great theme, latest game play methods and it's still one in badge and high score system competition. We offer two modes of play: - Classical game play where you must find as much butterflies...

  • Hidden Object Games - Cats

    Hidden Object Games - Cats




    Best hidden object game ever developed from us. Your mission is to find all cats in the picture to proceed to next level. There are 25 level in the whole game that is more than twice than in any previous hidden object game developed from us. On some pictures cats are really easy to find and on...

  • Hidden Frogs

    Hidden Frogs




    Hidden frogs is latest in our collection of hidden object games. We offer 2 mode of play: Classic mode (5 minutes) and Relaxed mode. Again you can start collecting badges and get on the high score list of all time best players. Game is about finding all the 5 frogs on the picture (progress bar...

  • Escaping Bug

    Escaping Bug




    Easy and simple game where your main objective is to stop the bug from running from the screen. However bug is intelligent creature and he will trick you so you will not be able to stop him. Game play: By clicking on fields you are narrowing bug options to move. If you entrap bug on one single...

  • Funny Pictures

    Funny Pictures


    Funny pictures presented into totally different way. What you need to do is select which funny picture is better: Left or Right. After that you will receive anothere set of pictures to laught about. All pictures should and are funny. Another option in app is that you can save funny picture into...

  • Hidden Object Games - Birds

    Hidden Object Games - Birds




    Classic Hidden Object Game. Game contains 5 levels. Each level is harder then previous one. You mission is to find every bird on the picture and mark it. You can also see the progress bar till the next level. Quick and catchy game if you have too much time.

  • Lottery Picks

    Lottery Picks




    Random generator of number for those who has problems every time they need to fill out the lottery ticket. In our application we are covering a majority of lotteries around the world: Powerball, Mega Millions, UK Lottery, German Lottery, Mark Six China, Oz Lotto Australia, and much more. Hope...

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