• Grocery List


    Grocery List Is an application that allows you to add up to 15 Grocery List items. You type what you want in the text box and click "Change" On one of the items, and it will add your item with a check mark so you can check mark it when you add got the item. It also changes the Buttons...

  • Painter Pro


    Painter is and application were you can draw and choose form 12 different colors to draw with! you can also upload an image from your pictures and draw on it. You can make big and small dots and when you messed up on the whole thing you can click the clear button and start over.

  • Painter




    Just a simple painter. Click on the colour you want and start drawing away. You can also make Big and Small dots.Don't like the drawing? Just click the wipe button and it erases the whole board. Please tell me if you like it and what I could do to improve it.

  • Group Text




    This is an application used to send messages to many people. Please take note this is not solely used for one to one texting, it is used to send one message to many people. You can send every one in your contacts a message with just a few touches of a button.

  • Social Network




    This is a simple application that will allow you to get to your facebook,twitter, or myspace in just a click of a button. This will also allow you to take a picture and share it through your camera to the social website, then just click the back button and see the picture you upladed. -please...

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