Bridge Communications

  • Bridge Operator Console 2.0




    ** READ THIS ** If you don't have Bridge Operator Console Server Connector installed and running you can't use this program. This is a mobile version of Bridge Operator Console, a great replacement for Cisco Attendant Console. Attendant Console style software. Control your Cisco office...

  • Road Trip Calculator




    Road Trip Calculator is a useful tool for calculating how much a Road Trip will cost for fuel. You simply enter the total miles you intend to travel, the MPG of your vehicle, the cost of fuel(on average) during your trip, and finally check whether it will be a two-way trip. Hit calculate, and it...

  • Bridge GPS Speedometer




    A simple app that shows your current speed (mph), altitude (feet), gps coordinates, and your position on either a street or satellite map. Menu options allow you to sweet between street and satellite view, or find an address which automatically opens Google maps, and optional Google navigation...

  • Bridge Room Pad




    *** READ THIS FIRST **** This application requires the Bridge OC Conference Connector Server, and Mobile Device Web Service to run. The Bridge Room Pad is software that runs on any Android powered device running version 2.0.1 or later. Room Pad displays the calendar information of any Exchange...

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