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Bright Light Apps Pty. Ltd.

  • Zombie Camera Booth FREE




    Get creative and create zombie faces ! With support for mixing and overlaying multiple effects, you can unleash your imagination and spend hours of endless fun as a zombie makeup artist. === FEATURES === - Take pictures or load photos from the Camera Roll. - 15 cool FREE zombie effects, -...

  • Movie Makeup Artist FX FREE




    Makeup ready, action! Have a load of fun transforming faces into evil characters, cyborgs, zombies and the injured! Make it real and throw in some cool looking tattoos! With support for mixing and overlaying multiple effects, you can unleash your imagination and spend hours of endless fun as a...

  • Twitter How To Tutorials


    Twitter How To Video Series - 15 step by step videos over 3 hours that will walk you through getting the most out of Twitter and how to leverage it's marketing power. This is The Only Twitter Video Guide You Will Ever Need! • Video 01 - 4 minutes 03 seconds Into Series • Video 02 - 06...

  • Ultimate Affirmations




    The Ultimate Affirmations App features 9 Sets of Audio Affirmations For: Understanding The True You, Effective Goal Setting, Excelling In Business Ventures, Building Positive Habits And Improving Your Subconscious Mind, Attaining Wealth And Financial Freedom, Making The Best Of Your...

  • Spanish Phrases Traveller




    168 Useful Spanish Phrases From Emergencies To Love And Relationships • Video 1 - Greetings Duration: 01:24 • Video 2 - Meeting People Duration: 01:56 • Video 3 - Moods Duration: 01:26 • Video 4 - Weather Duration: 01:21 • Video 5 - Directions Duration: 01:42 • Video 6 - Restaurants...

  • French Phrases Traveller




    Over 150 common French phrases, with their English translations. • Video 1 - Greetings Duration: 01:24 • Video 2 - Directions Duration: 01:56 • Video 3 - Shopping Duration: 01:26 • Video 4 - Numbers Duration: 01:21 • Video 5 - Dining Out Duration: 01:42 • Video 6 - Basic Phrases Duration:...

  • Facebook How To Tutorials


    Facebook® How To Video Series - 23 Step by Step Videos about How To Leverage The Marketing Power Of Facebook. This Is The Only Facebook Video Guide You Will Ever Need! It doesn't get much easier than this. I have compiled easy to consume yet critical information regarding Facebook that you...

  • Forum Marketing Secrets




    • A Collection of 20 Professionally Recorded Videos, 80 Minutes of Content - This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about forum marketing. • The Importance of Forum Marketing - Before you start marketing, you need to understand the specific advantages of forum...

  • Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis




    Over 1 hour of professional quality hypnosis audio programs designed to help anyone with eating disorders regain their physical health. • Audio 1 - Hypnosis Session #1 Duration: 00:18:28 • Audio 2 - Hypnosis Session #2 Duration: 00:16:23 • Audio 3 - Hypnosis Session #3 Duration: 00:31:49...

  • SAT Math Video Algebra




    Every year over 2 million students take the SAT test. Guess which subject gets voted as the most difficult to prepare for? You guessed it, math. • Tutorial 1 - Solving for x Duration: 00:05:24 • Tutorial 2 - Like Terms Duration: 00:03:33 • Tutorial 3 - Example Solutions Duration: 00:03:58...

  • Home Office Warrior Workout




    The Home Office Warrior Workout is a dynamic, 7 day workout video series showing you a wide range of exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Get an entire full body workout designed by a popular personal trainer who has worked with hundreds of people to design healthier...

  • Talking Preschool Flash Cards




    Preschool Talking Flashcards is a talking flash cards app for preschoolers. There are 6 flash card categories packaged into this one app : • Alphabet Flash Cards - 26 alphabet cards with letter and word pronunciation. • Animal Flash Cards - dog, cat, cow, frog, horse, sheep, bird, goat,...

  • Easy WordPress 3.x


    Currently this 6 hour+ WP 3.x video library app contains 59 easy to follow WordPress 3.x video tutorials. The WordPress tutorials themselves were created by a WordPress expert who is also a successful internet marketer and business person. This series is no doubt the most comprehensive source...

  • Video Creation Made Easy




    10 Step-By-Step video tutorials that will teach you how to create powerful videos for video marketing. Killer videos can be used to market your products, grow your very own lists, or help you get direct traffic that will lead your targeted audience directly to your front door. The video...

  • SEO Education 101




    • A Collection of 27 Professionally Recorded Videos - This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about search engine optimization. • Why SEO is Awesome - Before you actually start applying SEO, I want you to understand the advantages, so you can use them to their...

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