• Square Photo(No Crop)




    * This app could help you to share your full size photos to Instagram. Both "Single Photo To a New Square One" & "Multiple Photos To a Collage" are supported. (Even using collage for multiple photos, you can still keep the full size photo in each cell of the collage and...

  • Wallpaper Setter




    1. [Image to wallpaper] ============== Easy way to set your wallpaper as "What You See" in the editing state. Most wallpaper style for selection, including Center / Tile / Stretch. For making your wallpaper more special, we will suggest you to use our another app...

  • Instant Photo - PinstaPhoto




    Make a handmade style card out of your photo. With filter effects, it is easy to give your photos a feel of quality and a touch of nostalgia. Wait no more. Just try it.

  • Collage Maker - PhotoFancie




    Your First Choice Of Collage Apps. *Intuitive user interface. *Small apk size( < 2MB). Don't worry about your device memory. *Powerful functions: - Over 200 grid layouts of specal design - Ease of changing the layout by dragging the points to make your own design - Plenty of...

  • SilentBurstCamera




    ***** A silent camera designed for devices of Samsung & Sony. It also support “continuous shooting” with non-limit count to help you catch each moment. ***** Product properties: - Easy use. You just need to click the button for single photo shooting or continus shooting. - Both the...

  • Mirror Effect




    App for creating a mirror effect photo. Kinds of mirror styles and free image size are supported. With filter effects, it is easy to make your mirror effect photo more different.

  • ColorAssistant




    - This app is your best color assistant help you pick the color, save the color, review the colors and detect the color. - The color information in the format of HEX, RGB and HSV supported. - Both "pick directly from the color map" and "input value directly from the keyboard"...

  • Camera - CatchFancie




    **A camera for offering you more convenience** - For a camera heavy user: Folder selection function help you select the destination of the photos. It will help you easy to find out your photos in the different folders. - Brightness adjustment help you to take picture clearer. - Silent mode...

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