• Mirror





    It is a simple application without unnecessary option allows capture an image through the front of the camera installed on your phone. You do not have to carry a common mirror when you have your phone with you. Important! File allowing for being shown of advertisements is treated by some...

  • Guns project

    Guns project




    This is easy aplication with guns sounds efect. U can choice best five guns from second world war. If u choice fiew same time ull hear realistic war sounds. U can use it everyware, its really great fun. Peace!

  • Professional Angler FlashLight

    Professional Angler FlashLight




    Professional angler flash light it is application for everyone who like to angle and not only. If you spend a lot of time on angling this torch will be very useful in many situations. Strong flash light will help You light dark places at night. You will be able to see much more than with the...

  • Cool Battery Widget

    Cool Battery Widget




    This is nice 3D battery widget. A visible jump of the level of the battery is a 5%. Its widget so you have to click two times on your display to activate it. You can also configure your settings like wifi, display, GPS, battery, BT by cliking on the widget icon. Try it! Important! File allowing...

  • Lucky Rainbow Widget

    Lucky Rainbow Widget




    Customize your mobile device with this 100% AD FREE super lucky battery widget and watch your phone's mood change with the battery level!. We all know gold is on the end of rainbow. Most of people think this symbol will bring luck. Maby You will try. When the level of the battery is...

  • Mirror 2

    Mirror 2




    This is easily mirror application using front face camera without inessential options. You do not need the standard mirror if u have phone with this program. Beautiful red frame and large mirror will cause you will love this program. Important! File allowing for being shown of advertisements...

  • First Aid 2

    First Aid 2




    First Aid - recovery position. This simple aplication shows you how to behave in the victim's respiratory status. If a person is unconscious but is breathing and has no other life-threatening conditions, they should be placed in the recovery position. You will learn in four simple steps how...

  • Chemistry Periodic Table FREE

    Chemistry Periodic Table FREE




    Periodic Table it is an application for younger and for these older persons. He contains all most important chemical element. It is an advantage of this program that apart from chemical formulae, with relative atomic mass and much more like melting point, boiling point, electronegativity,...

  • Anti Mosquito System

    Anti Mosquito System




    This application using high-frequency sounds which are poorly audible for the people. You can use three buttons (Low frequency 17kHz, Medium 19kHz, High 22kHz). All these sounds are made by profesional sound system and they will imitate voices of bats - a natural enemy of mosquitoes, beetles,...

  • Sand Timer Battery Widget

    Sand Timer Battery Widget




    If you like original things on your phone this widget is for you. This is super Sand Timer Battery Widget. He is showing the current condition of your battery. The level of the battery is reducing the amount of sand is reducing the same time. You can also configure by clicking on hourglass icon...

  • Anti Dog System

    Anti Dog System




    Dog Whistle using professional sounds of the high-frequency. It is possible to use three sounds low, medium and high check which will work best on your dog. These sounds are poorly audible for the people or at all but dogs, cats, wolves, rats, mice and other wild animals hear it very well. We can...

  • Laughter baby

    Laughter baby




    It is a very simple application with a funny laugh, baby. I recommend to all who like to laugh and joke. The sad moments recommend running my application. It really works!

  • Santa Claus Coming

    Santa Claus Coming




    Since the 20th century, in an idea popularized by the 1934 song "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town", Santa Claus has been believed to make a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior ("naughty" or "nice") and to deliver...

  • Lullabies for babies 2

    Lullabies for babies 2




    This is second part of "Lullabies for babies". New beautiful background and five new instrumental songs. Perfect for children. I hope You will like it. Peace!

  • Noughts and crosses

    Noughts and crosses




    Great time killer noughts and crosses - Tic tac toe. You don't need a sheet of paper and pen if You have phone. This game is for two players so ask Your school, work friend and try it! Just use Your finger and play its's really great fun.

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