• KitKat ScreenRecorder * Root *




    NOTE TO EVERYONE THAT USES MY APP: If the app is not recording it (eg: leaves a 4kb file) this means that your current ROM version DOES NOT SUPPORT IT (Next to that you need root as well). Yes this can occur on CyanogenMod or even Googles AOSP. Bugs exist, that's life. deal with it, rather...

  • InstaVOLT




    InstaVOLT is the easiest app for managing your CPU milliVoltage levels. You can undervolt or overvolt your CPU voltage levels by steps of 25 milliVolt. Be sure to check the overall voltage levels after every increase or decrease, so you know what your device/kernel is capable of. Requirements: -...

  • Init.d Toggler




    Init.d Toggler is a very easy to use app that allows you to enable or disable init.d support. Init.d is a directory in /system/etc that can contain scripts such as tweaks, the scripts inside this directory with the permissions of atleast RWX-RX-RX (755) will be executed during boot. Root and...

  • Galaxy S4 Glove Mode




    Do you have the Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to enable Glove Mode? With this app you can enable/disable it easily no matter what ROM you're using, the only requirement is the support by the kernel for this function. The 2 buttons will be disabled if the kernel does not support this function...

  • broodParts Lite




    broodParts Lite is an extension for your ROM Settings. It includes the main root functions that you will need in every rooted ROM. To function properly, broodParts Lite requires: - Root access (Check the XDA Forum page of your device) - Init.d support (Check out my "Init.d Toggler" app...

  • Root Tweaker




    Root Tweaker allows you to easily apply the most common tweaks for ROMS, such as the apns-conf.xml from Cyanogenmod for automatic APN configuration worldwide, the hosts file that includes almost all add providers, thus blocking all the adds. And a patched gps.conf with AGPS for optimal GPS...

  • Barebone Launcher




    Barebone Launcher is based on the "home" SDK Sample, it really has no options at all, the only thing that is possible is toggling the apps menu. The most recent applications will be stored in the first 3 icons in the docking bar. The icon on the right side is the all apps button which...

  • Cube Live Wallpaper




    This is a sample from Android SDK (API 17, aka 4.2.2) but I enhanced the smoothness (doubled the framerate) and removed the function that draws a circle where you push (since it's ugly) It includes a 3d spinning cube and a Dodecahedron Credits go to Google for this one, just applied some...

  • Quick Reboot




    Quick Reboot is an app that restarts the User Interface of Android, this means that the boot sequence will start at the boot animation, thus making a big difference in booting times. Root is required! Technical explanation: su -c "killall system_server" nothing more, nothing less

  • Rain and Thunder




    This app is made for relaxation on the sound of rain and thunder. The difference between this app and all the other is that there is no looping sound. it's originally a 60min sample from, but I tweaked it a little so there are no silent moments. The outcome is a 42min sample...

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