• Set Locale and Language

    Set Locale and Language




    Set Locale Set Locale and Language Now support Android 2.2-Android 4.1 As we know that some rom of Android have no full set of language,sometimes it is hard to set the language you want in your phone.Or if the custom locale function in menu don't support your language,you can try...

  • QuickUninstaller





    Fastest and simplest uninstall tool on android! Features: Remove user application easily by single click! Help you to uninstall your apps quick and free. UserGuide: 1. Select app to uninstall 2. Uninstall it. Quick and easy to uninstall with only one...

  • App Cache Cleaner

    App Cache Cleaner




    App Cache Cleaner The Best Cache Cleaner is now here , easy and free. It is a quick tool for clearing all the application cached files on your phone.Just One Tap to clean all cached files for getting more avalable space or to make your phone clean and quick to use. Why to use App Cache...

  • Easy Task Killer

    Easy Task Killer




    Easy Task Killer is well knowns as a good tool to kill the process on your Phone .This is a light version for the Super Task Killer It can help you to save battery with just one click. UserGuide: 1.Click on one icon ,you can kill one app 2.Click kill all ,you can kill all app running This...

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