• Go Figure!

    Go Figure!




    Go Figure! Ice skating burns calories - fresh air fun for everyone at the Blue Cross RiverRink.

  • Alarm Clock - Maru & Sanrio

    Alarm Clock - Maru & Sanrio




    Want to see Bad Badtz-maru wave his arms to show you the time? Now, Sanrio Alarm Clock gives you four options! You’ll have Hello Kitty’s friends - Bad Badtz-maru, My Melody, KEROKERO KEROPPI and Pompom Purin on the clock. Check back for more updates with new characters. ***Key features: -...

  • Sanrio Friends Calculator

    Sanrio Friends Calculator




    Hello Kitty’s friends - KEROKERO KEROPPI, Bad Badtz-maru, My Melody and Pompom Purin are all now available on one easy-to-use calculator! This 4-in-1 calculator allows you to customize the appearance with your favorite Sanrio characters. Keep checking back for more updates with new characters....

  • Conversion Tool – Sanrio

    Conversion Tool – Sanrio




    Conversion Tool with Hello Kitty’s friends enables you to convert units with EASE! With amazing themes to choose from, you can select your favorite Sanrio characters to personalize your conversion tool. Use the cute keyboard to input the amount, and then select the units to convert as you...

  • Calendar – My Melody & Sanrio

    Calendar – My Melody & Sanrio




    Get tired of the plain Calendar? Now, you can have My Melody and friends on your calendar. You can change the theme as you like! Sanrio Calendar gives you four themes as well as basic monthly and daily agenda. Also, you can send the event list and the event content via email. ***Key features: -...

  • think





    This app is sponsored by BST in support of creative week, an event that focuses on digital promotion and interaction. As a treat for those whom are interested in the tools, mobile ads, and insights surrounding digital advertising ecosystem, this app was develop. Included, are fun and...

  • Get Fit to Kick!

    Get Fit to Kick!




    Independence Blue Cross and Philadelphia Union present "Get Fit To Kick!" an interactive mobile app with games to educate kids and reinforce healthy food choices. Play "Quick Shot!" our flick-to-kick game where you'll rack up points for healthy choices and get strikes for...

  • Memo – My Melody & Sanrio

    Memo – My Melody & Sanrio




    Enjoy taking notes on cute Memo pages and with varied emoticons! Sanrio Memo can help you organize your memos easily with customizable categories. What is more, it provides up to 30 emoticons for you to select as memo icon. More emoticons will be added with free updates. ***Key features: - Memo...

  • Hello Kitty Travel Assistant

    Hello Kitty Travel Assistant




    Off to a faraway place? Hello Kitty Travel Assistant is by your side. Hello Kitty Travel Assistant is the coolest tool for your travel needs. Need a map to find your destination? Want to know that the weather will be like at your destination? Or how much is this item in your local currency?...

  • Pocket Sanrio

    Pocket Sanrio




    Love Hello Kitty? Can't get enough of Hello Kitty and her adorable friends? Now you can stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and products related to Hello Kitty and her cast of friends! Additionally, Pocket Sanrio is the latest social platform for all of Sanrio fans to share their...

  • Flashlight – Hello Kitty

    Flashlight – Hello Kitty


    Scared of the dark? Now, Hello Kitty and friends can help you brighten the darkest of places with Sanrio Flashlight! Customize your flashlight with your favorite Hello Kitty & friends characters: Hello Kitty / My Melody / Bad Badtz-maru / KEROKERO KEROPPI. Check back for more updates with...

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