• Curvature Watch Face




    Curvature Watch Face is a simple, modern watchface for Android Wear devices. It shows a zoomed-in view of a clock with minute represented as a colored part of the clock's edge. ATTENTION: Requires an Android Wear compatible device. This app doesn't appear on your phone, only on your...

  • Simple Soroban




    This application is a simple Japanese abacus (soroban / そろばん). It has a free mode where you can use the abacus freely, and a challenge mode with 4 operations (addition, subtraction, one and two digit multiplication, and division) and 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) where you must race...

  • Rectangularity




    Rectangularity is a fast paced retro-style 2D arcade game where you are a good rectangle fighting evil rectangles. Fight for your survival wave after wave. It has dual stick action, so you can move and shoot independently. Unlock achievements and compete with your friends on leaderboards! This...

  • Endless Tunnel




    A simple arcade-style game where you have to fly down an endless tunnel avoiding obstacles and collecting bonuses. As you level up, the obstacles become more difficult and the ship flies faster. Unlock achievements and compete with friends on the leaderboard! Integrated with Google Play Games....

  • zzz_BtcoTestApp120312A



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