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Finger VS Knife

Net Ranking add. This text was created at the translation site. The play which pokes between the fingers which everyone probably did with Shah Penn, a pencil, etc. at mischievous childhood was reproduced. Please play on the contrary to the child's heart! * Since it is dangerous if it actually carries out, please stop! If a game is started…

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Intuitively by using a Google map Examined the range of movement and to the point of total distance traveled up to 100 App is useful. Even at the time of travel or walk, or how much you move Are examined briefly.

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Download Rock-paper-scissors Free Rock-paper-scissors Free icon
Rock-paper-scissors Free

Net Ranking add. English language add. A game which collects the medal by using as a computer "janken" which is time-tested play from ancient times and which was in the mom-and-pop candy store is reproduced. Please play on the contrary to the child's heart. First of all, a medal is thrown in. It can supply to five sheets. Since r…

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The Darts Free

It is a darts game of easy operation. I will stop the stick which moves vertically and horizontally on a screen by a tap, and will throw an arrow in a darts board! The sum total score given up 3 times is recorded. A score is recorded to the 10th place. Moreover, it is also possible for a total score to also be recorded and to compete with th…

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flying pukapu

Avoiding Gay who was making it as a game for the cellular phone and "[flying pukapu]" was transplanted. Ver1.2 The font was made beautiful. To be suitable for all screens, it has been expanded. Operation speed has been improved. These sentences are made on the translation site. Ver1.3 Advertising addition

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Download Touch the Numbers Touch the Numbers icon
Touch the Numbers

Android OS 2.1 Support It is a challenge to my rapidity of response. It fights against the friend whether it is possible to push in the following of the figure from 1 to 25 early.

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Number Place

This is a puzzle game that is often called "[Nanba-pure-su] ([nanpure])" in general in Japan. It is a standard game with which it is called Sudoku in countries other than Japan and is widely familiar. Rule Either of figure of 1?9 is put in the mass that has become empty. The same figure in the block of 3×3 enclosed in each row and the…

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Mine sweeper

Minesweeper game for android. Switch the flag setting up turned over by the touch operation and discover all bombs. There are six stage difficulty. Ver1.1 Score save add. Ver1.2 Bug Fixed.

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National flag quiz

It is the quiz which looks at the national flag and applies the name of a country. Since a problem is set from 193 nations of U.N. members, other countries, and 204 nations in all of areas, please challenge [ how many questions can answer and ]. Please apply the capital of the country out of four choices based on the national flag displayed on a…

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Swap Block

This is a staple of the block swapping puzzle game. It disappears when aligned vertically and horizontally three or more continue to replace the adjacent block in. Upon reaching the quota that is written at the top of the screen or the bottom, it is clear. Many points as align will be higher at a time.

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