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    Intuitively by using a Google map Examined the range of movement and to the point of total distance traveled up to 100 App is useful. Even at the time of travel or walk, or how much you move Are examined briefly.

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    flying pukapu

    Avoiding Gay who was making it as a game for the cellular phone and "[flying pukapu]" was transplanted. Ver1.2 The font was made beautiful. To be suitable for all screens, it has been expanded. Operation speed has been improved. These sentences are made on the translation site. Ver1.3 Advertising addition

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    Number Place

    This is a puzzle game that is often called "[Nanba-pure-su] ([nanpure])" in general in Japan. It is a standard game with which it is called Sudoku in countries other than Japan and is widely familiar. Rule Either of figure of 1?9 is put in the mass that has become empty. The same figure in the block of 3×3 enclosed in each row and the…

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    Mine sweeper

    Minesweeper game for android. Switch the flag setting up turned over by the touch operation and discover all bombs. There are six stage difficulty. Ver1.1 Score save add. Ver1.2 Bug Fixed.

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    This is a camera that can shoot half screen in inverted state. Is not that played to bring the mirror in the middle of the face? Since the same is also displayed in reverse at half screen Pointed head, you can shoot interesting photos such as fat body ♪ There is no doubt that you swell when play possibility is that you had to take with your frien…

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    Flash memory

    This is a calculation game which memorizes the number which comes out one after another on a screen, and finally inputs an answer. Please become practice of memorization and compete with a family or a friend.

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    Nervous breakdown

    Android application program making of "Nervous breakdown" in Japan. It is a simple rule to an easy operation that uses touch that even the child understands. It is fit also in child's other party of play.

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    It disappears when the figure that adds a surrounding figure and becomes one digit in the under is put. To the mental gymnastics please because the head is used though it is simple addition. Ver1.1 Icon making Ver1.2 add Help Ver1.3 bug fix. Ver1.4 Hiscore save add. Ver1.5 link changed Ver1.6 bug fix.

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    Verbal arithmetic

    This is a game which fills the part where the hole of the formula which comes out one after another on a screen is open, and completes an equation. Please become practice of mental arithmetic and compete with a family or a friend.

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    It is famous game Nanjing of the mah-jong tile that is for a long time. The same tile to go an upper and lower, right and left same rank and a tile diagonal by one can be erased. Clearly when everything is erased. These sentences were made on the translation site.

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