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  • MiniStation Air2

    MiniStation Air2




    "MiniStation Air2" lets you easily access photos, videos, and music on your MiniStation Air wireless portable hard drive. Compatible Product: HDW-PDU3 Series Features: - Stream Multimedia: Stream photos, videos, and music from the MiniStation Air without downloading. - Play Local...

  • SmartPhone Navigator

    SmartPhone Navigator




    SmartPhone Navigator gives you easy access to your LinkStation or TeraStation on your home or office network. You may easily configure the WebAccess remote access software from your smartphone. Features: This software allows the following interaction with your LinkStation or TeraStation: - Set...

  • WebAccess A

    WebAccess A




    WebAccess gives you easy access to your LinkStation or TeraStation from anywhere. Access terabytes of storage directly from your Android device! Features: - File streaming: play terabytes of photos, videos, and music from anywhere, anytime. - File download: save files on your Android from your...

  • AOSS





    AOSS lets you easily connect your Android device to your AirStation with secure Wi-Fi. This app easily and securely connects your Android device to a Buffalo AirStation wireless router with Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions and press the AOSS button on the AirStation. All security (encryption)...

  • FileAgent





    BUFFALO FileAgentはバッファロー独自のファイルコピーツールと ファイル管理アプリです。 主な特徴 ●ファイルコピーに特化したウィザードモード USBで接続されたUSBメモリなどとのファイルコピーをウィザード形式で簡単 にファイル交換ができる! ●動画・音楽・写真ごとのファイル一覧を表示 動画・音楽・写真のカテゴリごとに表示させて、ファイルが見つけやすい! ●クイックコピーモードにより、簡単コピー 登録してある携帯のフォルダを簡単にUSBメモリなどにバックアップできます。 (Android OS 4.0以降対応) ●Nexus7にも対応...

  • StationRadar





    "StationRadar" lets you easily find and manage your AirStation from your Android device. To use "StationRadar", your Android device should be connected to the same network as your AirStation. Features: - Find your AirStation - Access Settings and manage your AirStation -...

  • MiniStation Air

    MiniStation Air




    MiniStation Air is a file management app that also features a media player for movies, music, and photos. To use this software, you will need a Buffalo HDW-PU3 series MiniStation Air portable hard drive connected to your local Wi-Fi network. Features: View and play movies, music, and photos...

  • WebAccess for Business

    WebAccess for Business




    WebAccess for Business is a business use oriented easy access application for Buffalo TeraStation / LinkStation. WebAccess for Business is feature rich - WebAccess feature to view office files such as document and spreadsheet, PDF files, photos, and movies saved on TeraStation / LinkStation from...

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