Bugaudin Ramazanov

  • Wifi Widget




    The smallest enable/disable wifi, open wifi configuration and display wifi SSID widget ever, all in just one screen cell! Click the red wifi configuration icon (bottom left corner) to go to wifi settings. Click the white wifi icon or SSID label (top right corner) to turn wifi on/off.

  • Virtual lottery




    Simple virtual lottery application. No money needed, play just for fun

  • Who called me




    The application parses incoming SMS messages, retrieves phone numbers from it and inserts contact name associated with this number in your contact book. It is very useful to clarify missed call SMS notifications etc. The application is a background service and you can start or stop it in the...

  • Answer by Shake




    Just shake your phone to answer the incoming call. Very useful when you are in gloves etc. It has enable/disable and acceleration force settings. Also you can test your acceleration force by clicking 'Test your shake' button. If you have any issues please contact me first.

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