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Bulbul Inc.

  • Pinocchio BulBul Apps

    Pinocchio BulBul Apps


    A wooden puppet magically comes to life, but must learn the hard way what it is to be a real boy by learning to be less selfish and more giving. Oh, and saving his “father” from a giant shark!

  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf BulBul

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf BulBul


    A young shepherd pretends there's a wolf and laughs when the villagers are fooled. He laughs...until a real wolf comes along.

  • The Golden Key

    The Golden Key


    A poor boy gathering wood with a sleigh wants to warm himself by a fire and finds a small golden key beneath the snow; then he finds a small iron box in the ground. What lies in that box? The question is haunting us ever since the original story published by Grimm's. That story is now retold...

  • Baby Goes to Market BulBul App

    Baby Goes to Market BulBul App


    Baby goes to the super market with her mom for the first time. She gets to touch and feel lots of items and jolly ride in the cart. But guess where she ends up by the time they finish? Enjoy this beautifully illustrated interactive story with voice over , animations and special effects.

  • The Golden Goose

    The Golden Goose


    Simpleton is a simple wood cutter and in an unexpected turn of events he receives a golden goose as a gift from an old man for his kindness. An Inn Keeper's daughter gets stuck to the Goose trying to pluck her Golden feathers. Read the story to see what happens on the day when the town...

  • Bulbul Apps - Free Kids Apps

    Bulbul Apps - Free Kids Apps




    Here is a wonderful collection of stories that stood the test of time. Each app is created by writers, artists and animators from all over the world on a unique collaborative platform with care and love. Every app is interactive and encourages child's curiosity, reading and learning skills....

  • The Pied Piper BulBul Apps

    The Pied Piper BulBul Apps


    The town of Hamelin is swarming with rats stressing people out. Enter the mysterious Pied Piper who claims to have a magic piper that can get rid of the rats. However the mayor has a cunning plan up his sleeve. What happens after Pied Piper discovers the trick that shocks the town. Read this...

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    There was once a very rich merchant, who had three daughters; His daughters were extremely handsome, especially the youngest she was called beauty. Their father was going on a journey ,his elder daughters asked for pearls and jewels as gifts, but the youngest wanted her father to bring back a...

  • It's time for bed BulBul Apps

    It's time for bed BulBul Apps


    A cute little story that can put your baby to sleep.

Tell this story to your baby and give her a reason to go to bed.
This story comes with funny little animations, a lullaby background score and mothers voice.

  • Snow White

    Snow White




    Snow White is a classic fairy tale first written by the Brothers Grimm and published it in 1812. The fairy tale features such elements as the magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the glass coffin, and the characters of the evil queen and the seven dwarfs Read this beautifully illustrated classic,...

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes




    Red Shoes is the story of a peasant girl who tricks her adopted mother into buying her a pair of red shoes. But the shoes are anything she expected and eventually make her end up in big trouble. Read this beautifully illustrated classic that’s brought to life by Bulbul Apps with animations,...

  • Baby Bath Time BulBul Apps

    Baby Bath Time BulBul Apps




    It's bath time for your baby! Mom tries to give her baby the first ever bath tub experience to a nervous baby. What the mom and baby discovers is a delight and fun to watch in this beautifully illustrated and animated story.

  • Potty Potty BulBul Apps

    Potty Potty BulBul Apps




    Help your child learn to use a potty with this fun interactive story. Potty training can be difficult for parents, but we have made it fun and easy with this wonderfully illustrated story written by Emmy Award Winner Mark Zaslove.

  • Cinderella BulBul Apps

    Cinderella BulBul Apps




    Cinderella: Poor Cinderella has to victim away for her step-mother and step-sisters. But when they go to the Prince’s ball, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother helps the girl go as well…and marry the Prince!

  • Princes and the Pea BulBul

    Princes and the Pea BulBul




    The prince is sad because he had no princess. The queen sets out to find a suitable princess for the prince with a series of tests and competitions. But the queen has one clever final test that no princess knew of. Who wins the contest and how? To know the answer, download this free interactive...

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