• Jaurès Pas à Pas




    Cent ans après sa mort, le documentaire mobile « Jaurès Pas à Pas » vous raconte le destin exceptionnel de Jean Jaurès. Découvrez les facettes de cet homme complexe au travers de 9 films documentaires inédits. Engagez-vous dans une expérience originale à Paris et Toulouse grâce à deux parcours...

  • LoliRock


    Sing like a popstar! Be one of LoliRock! - Sing along the LoliRock hits: Higher, Revolution, B.F.F., Celebrate and We are Magic. - Record your performance so that your friends can listen to it. - Make the girls of LoliRock dance to the beat thanks to your sense of rhythm. - Create your own...

  • Le jeu des 1000€


    DECOUVREZ LE JEU DES 1000€ ET OBTENEZ 10 PARTIES GRATUITES DES L’INSCRIPTION PUIS 2 PARTIES OFFERTES CHAQUE JOUR ! ban-co, ban-co ! Le célèbre jeu des mille euros arrive sur smartphones et tablettes ! Retrouvez le plus ancien jeu radiophonique Français, réalisé en partenariat avec France...

  • Lethal Lance




    ONLY PLAYABLE ON SHIELD! Lethal Lance is an old school side scrolling platformer. You are Lance, a fearless adventurer. Your mission is to save the world from an evil enemy with your skill and ... YOUR SHOTGUN! Defeat all the enemies on your way to successfully complete your mission. Run,...

  • 7.0

    Nimble Squiggles




    Draw an accurate path for the squiggles to follow to solve the puzzle

  • Fallin Love - The Game of Love




    GRAVITATE AROUND LOVE Help Fall, a tiny block overlooked by the one he loves, in his quest for emblematic disguises. Guide him by playing with gravity and beat more than 70 mind-teasing levels by collecting original disguises. Because somehow, each new disguise will bring Fall one step closer...

  • 8.0

    Hyper Trip




    An addictive game of reflexes

  • 7.5

    PegGoo Pop




    A fun entertainment which can become strangely addictive

  • Nitropia: War Commanders




    Nitropia is optimized for tablets, with mobile coming soon ! COMMAND AND DEFEND! Nitropia is free to download with 3 playable levels to try. You can unlock all the levels and 3 characters for $1.99! Nitropia is a well-balanced mix between Tower Defense and Real-Time Strategy. Lead your heroes...

  • Car Breakers




    Attach your seatbelt if you don’t want to be ejected! Car Breakers is a hilarious game where you must aim a target by ejecting a dummy crash test from a car at full speed. Unlock dozens of cars and dummies and combine them to find the right combination to finish the levels. Discover 3...

  • 7.3

    Jewel Galaxy




    Move the jewels around and try to create connection lines

  • Felllice




    EAT EAT EAT AND GROW ! Felllice is an interpretative simulation game of a cell life. Play as a cell and try to eat other cells to grown up. But beware of the larger cells or they will hurl you and reduce you to your starting size. Try to accumulate tiny cells to become the larger one. Felllice...

  • My Perfect Man ™




    Tired of the toilet seat never belittled, of dirty socks lying around under the bed for months, or you hit all the household chores? We have the solution for you: My Perfect Man CREATE THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS In My Perfect Man, you take charge of a far-from-perfect guy (with a capital “FFP”) and...





    GET TO THE CHOPPA! Pilot, the world is on the verge of war. The situation is critical: it's time for you to tear the sky apart with the blades of your helicopter and shoot down every enemy coming across your radar! More powerful than ever, Dr. Evil and its squadrons have holed up on the...

  • iPollute




    ---GDC 2014 Best in Play Honorable Mention!--- iPollute is a unique puzzle game, set in a lovingly hand-crafted world and packed with stop motion clay animations! You are invited to a peaceful green valley, and can use your various icons to affect its fate. Every choice you make affects the...

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