• Hyper Trip

    Hyper Trip




    Hyper Trip is a frenetic reflex game set in a futuristic 3D neon lit environment. THE CONTROLS? Tap left or right to guide a square. THE GOAL? Avoid hitting a wall. THE CATCH? The pace. Dangerous and unforgiving. THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT? Think again. Hyper Trip features controllers support...

  • PegGoo Pop

    PegGoo Pop




    "POP"! CRAZY GRAPHICS, ADDICTIVE MUSIC, FUN... lots of FUN! With just the tip of my finger, I take aim, I hold and wait... Then I release to shoot! I've been playing this game for a few hours now and damn, I am in love. For each level I got new OBJECTIVES: Hit yellow weird sort of...






    GET TO THE CHOPPA! Pilot, the world is on the verge of war. The situation is critical: it's time for you to tear the sky apart with the blades of your helicopter and shoot down every enemy coming across your radar! More powerful than ever, Dr. Evil and its squadrons have holed up on the...

  • Kaboom Monsters

    Kaboom Monsters




    Master the art of strategy. Pick up your cards and battle your way through the lands of Apathia. BRAND NEW GAMEPLAY, TRULY FUN… Choose between Trolls, Yetis or Orcs and start building up your deck. In Kaboom Monsters you play a hero who needs to find the dark wizard who cursed your village and...

  • Fallin Love

    Fallin Love




    GRAVITATE AROUND LOVE Help Fall, a tiny block overlooked by the one he loves, in his quest for emblematic disguises. Guide him by playing with gravity and beat more than 70 mind-teasing levels by collecting original disguises. Because somehow, each new disguise will bring Fall one step closer...

  • 9.3
    Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

    Joe Dever's Lone Wolf




    An epic adventure in Magnamund

  • Fort Boyard

    Fort Boyard




    Play the new FORT BOYARD update on mobile and tablet. Discover the new multiplayer mode. Fancy getting your hands on plenty of Boyards? Then take the challenge! Choose a team of six people and launch your offensive on the Fort in an adventure combining intelligence, strength and agility. Relive...

  • Light Apprentice

    Light Apprentice




    When life in the world of Ethenia is threatened by the corruption of the Yhrosian Empire, a hero will rise to protect the Planet and its people. RISE OF A HERO Meet Nate, the Light Apprentice, and take part in his journey through a kind of "Comic GameBook" like you've never...

  • 8.0
    Brave Furries

    Brave Furries




    An innovative game for those who want to think and have fun

  • 7.3
    Jewel Galaxy

    Jewel Galaxy




    Move the jewels around and try to create connection lines

  • The Ranch Online

    The Ranch Online




    The official game of the series The Ranch is here! In Ranch Online you become the owner of your own ranch and follow Lena's example: create your ranch and breed and care for your horses. Start by looking after your first horse and then breed the animals. Lena and her friends will give you...

  • Bubble Fish Party

    Bubble Fish Party




    Bubble Fish Party is a family party brawler in which four players take control of wacky blowfish and have just one goal: To pierce their opponents by knocking them against spikes around an aquarium arena and collect the points. The game features two unusual power-ups which can change the course...

  • GoTuizz





    GoTuizz, le quiz de la TV débarque sur vos smartphones et tablettes! Défiez en temps réel vos amis et les joueurs du monde entier sur vos émissions et séries TV favorites. Vous pensez tout connaitre des programmes TV ? Participez aux tournois hebdomadaires avec vos amis en mettant vos...

  • Planet Quiz

    Planet Quiz




    Planet quiz est le jeu de quiz officiel du site Planet.fr Défiez vos amis et devenez incollables sur l'actualité à travers des thèmes de quiz variés.. Prouvez que vous êtes le meilleur sur le cinéma, les secrets de stars, l'actu people ou l'une des 9 catégories présentes dans le...

  • Meltdown©





    Meltdown is a tactical arcade shooter featuring both singleplayer and intense online multiplayer. Become the most skilled soldier, choose your weapons, get the best upgrades, buckle up and start your mission. Be careful, each enemy has it’s own combat style, special AI and gear. Adapt to them to...

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