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Measures and reports temperature in degree Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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Download Car Loan - Basic Car Loan - Basic icon
Car Loan - Basic

1. Car loan amortization up to 15 years including 0% interest 2. Summary of monthly payment and interest. 3. Amortization table 4. Pie chart of interest and principle paid 5. Line graph of cumulative interest, principle, remaining principle and interest 6. Built in calculator with basic arithmetic functions

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Download Mortgage Basic Mortgage Basic icon
Mortgage Basic

1. Amortizes home loan for loan terms up to 40 years. 2. Provides summary of monthly payment, total payment made and total interest paid. 3. Provides details of monthly payment - interest + principle, beginning and ending balances. 4. Presents Graphs and charts. 5. Start date can be picked from date picker 6. Calculator

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Download Heat Index Heat Index icon
Heat Index

Heat Index (HI)application calculates heat index from air temperature and relative humidity. Relative humidity is supplied in %. HI is sometimes referred to as the "apparent Temperature". The HI, given in degrees F, is a measure of how hot it feels when relative humidity (RH) is added to the actual air temperature

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Download Mobile Statistics Pro - Trial Mobile Statistics Pro - Trial icon
Mobile Statistics Pro - Trial

Summary of Features: 1. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) 2. Beta Function 3. Scientific Calculator (infix) 4. Covariance & Correlation 5. Effective Size 6. Error Function 7. Gamma Function 8. Probability a. CDF & PDF b. p-value and Inverse p-value 9. Simple and Multiple Regression 10. Solver (with reverse Polish post-fix calculator) 11. Summ…

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Download Wind Chill Index Wind Chill Index icon
Wind Chill Index

Wind Chill Index calculates wind chill (in ºF, ºC and Watts/Squared Meter) from air temperature (in ºF or ºC) and wind speed (Miles/Hour or Kilometers/Hour). This application calculates wind-chill index when temperature is above 40 ºF or 4.4 ºC. However, the models do not hold well at such temperatures. Help video available.

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Download Stock Option Basic Stock Option Basic icon
Stock Option Basic

This application computes European call and put option prices when stock, strike, risk free interest rate, expiry time or date, historic volatility and dividend yield (optional) are supplied. Expiration time in Days, Months and Year can be entered. Expiration date can be selected. Displays call and put profit graphs.

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Download Pedometer Pedometer icon

Displays distance covered, elapsed time and average speed. Uses GPS to compute distance.

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Download Mobile Banker - Trial Mobile Banker - Trial icon
Mobile Banker - Trial

Mobile Banker is the most comprehensive financial application for investment bankers, MBA students and finance professionals. Key Features: 1. Amortization 2. Bond a. Straight Bond b. Convertible Bond c. Accrued Interest 3. Calendar Function a. Date Add/subtract b. Days/Month/Years between dates c. Day of Week 4. Advanced Post-fix Scientifi…

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Download Bond Calculator Basic Bond Calculator Basic icon
Bond Calculator Basic

This application computes fair value of bond when par value, time to maturity, coupon rate, coupon frequency and yield is supplied. App computes yield when bond price is supplied. Maturity time can be entered or selected. Coupon is paid semi-annually by default. Current date is assumed to be the settlement date.

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