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    Download Camera Remote Camera Remote icon
    Camera Remote

    Camera Remote Main Functions: New Functions: 2.8.0: App start parameter accept (param: start_mode, options: camera_mode, remote_mode, camera2_mode, remote2_mode). Other apps or Tasker could start camera remote app with parameter. (Tasker data example: start_mode:camera_mode) 2.7.7: App default recording folder settings for the external storages;…

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    Download Dashboard Cam Dashboard Cam icon
    Dashboard Cam

    Dashboard Cam - Widget, Compass Map, GPS Data, Remote Controller, External GPS Support NEW: Recording folder settings for SD Card or available external storages. (6.0.7) New GPS Stat View (6.0.5) Remote Screen Sharing mode (bluetooth, wifi, and desktop pc mode) added. Google Play Service update (6.0.4) Download PC application for screen sharing mo…

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    Download Camera Trigger (Motion Detect) Camera Trigger (Motion Detect) icon
    Camera Trigger (Motion Detect)

    Camera Trigger is a simple motion detection application. Device camera shutter (video recording) will be triggered by objects movement on the selected screen area where user can change the area position and size of it. Android Wear Support. Start and stop remote trigger session. View remote camera view. For more info: http://www.busywww.com/camera…

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    Download Photo Pop Photo Pop icon
    Photo Pop

    Photo Pop is simple but versatile image clipping and drawing tool. New version available (2.0.1, May. 2015) Layer crop and fit to image functions (2.0.2). New design and easy to use functions. Multiple layers drawing, add/remove, move up/down, show/hide, and save layers anytime. Easy crop and clip functions: draw crop, clear crop, and normal crop…

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    Download Touch Diary Touch Diary icon
    Touch Diary

    Touch Diary New Update Information: Version 4.0.0 New material user interface. Simple navigation. New diary report functions with easy to see graph. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom day reports. Easy backup and restore functions. 1. Diary Item Setting Application initially includes commonly used diary ideas. Weather, Me, Family, Health,…

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    Download My Live Event My Live Event icon
    My Live Event

    My Live Event Android App (YouTube Live Streaming) Android app for YouTube Live Streaming and Broadcasting. Main Streaming Modes: 1. Camera Live Feed Streaming 2. Android Device Screen Streaming ********** NOTE: for the OpenSSL vulnerable issue, please use app version 1.0.4 or above. New app version has been fixed with OpenSSL 1.0.2f version by…

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    Download Family Finder Family Finder icon
    Family Finder

    Family Finder Main functions: 1. Keep track of family or friend members. 2. Track the lost phone. 3. Save my location to track parked car, motorcycle, or bicycles. 4. Save and view map images for the later reference by using included file explorer and image/text viewer. Newly designed app has been published with easy to use functions. New version:…

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    Download Mark Photo Spot Mark Photo Spot icon
    Mark Photo Spot

    New on Version 3.x.x (published at Feb. 22, 2016) Material User Interface. New app icon. Easier navigation, add, update user custom places and photos. Custom place adding function from user selected map location. Place weather information on demand. For more information, please visit at http://www.busywww.com Description: What this application do…

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    Download Shake Fighter Shake Fighter icon
    Shake Fighter

    Augmented Reality Rock Scissor Paper Application Simple and fun AR game for the all ages. Play Rock Scissor Paper game with your real hands against mobile devices. It has dual game mode, AR and classic modes. Both modes are available during the game play. How to play? 1. Place your device camera over plain colored background. (note: try to choose…

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    Download Dashboard Cam (AdFree) Dashboard Cam (AdFree) icon
    Dashboard Cam (AdFree)

    Dashboard Cam - Compass Map with GPS Data (External GPS Support, Remote Control Mode) This Version (4.0.x and above) Update: The Pro version app will not be updated in the future, instead, please download regular version and use UNLOCK CODE option. New users also need to download regular version and use UPGRADE APP option menu instead of buying Pr…

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    Download Images To Video (Time Lapse) Images To Video (Time Lapse) icon
    Images To Video (Time Lapse)

    Images To Video (Time Lapse) Convert existing photos and image files to the video file. Record time-lapse photos, and convert to the video file. This new app specially replaces the embedded app from Camera Remote, Dashboard Cam, and Camera Trigger apps. For more information and help, please visit at: http://www.busywww.com/ImagesToVideo.aspx htt…

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    Download Double Exposure (Manual HDR) Double Exposure (Manual HDR) icon
    Double Exposure (Manual HDR)

    Multiple exposures on the single photo for the android camera. Manual HDR image processing; with or without exposure compensation. Color mask (key color), exposure, transparency, brightness, and contrast post image processing. Realtime multiple exposure preview. Selftimer for image stabilization. For more information, visit at: http://www.busywww.…

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