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    French Grammar

    French grammar charts. Useful as a quick reference for people who already know some French. If you want to support the app, please consider pressing the in-app version which will remove the ads, and please feel free to email your suggestions, comments and any problems you find. Thanks :)

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    Download Spanish Grammar Spanish Grammar icon
    Spanish Grammar

    Spanish grammar charts. Useful as a quick reference for people who are studying Spanish. Whether for travel, business, school work or fun, these Spanish grammar tables give a quick and useful overview of important Spanish grammar basics. Spanish Grammar is organized in sections, giving you quick access to the grammar you need. It includes differ…

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    Download Hiragana Flashcards Hiragana Flashcards icon
    Hiragana Flashcards

    Beginner's flashcards for learning Japanese. These Japanese flashcards all contain audio. Words you find difficult are repeated more often, while easier words or repeated less often. We recommend learning 5 new Hiragana per day, but you can learn more if you want (can be changed in settings menu). If you've finished the cards for the day, y…

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    Download Chinese Idiom Widget Chinese Idiom Widget icon
    Chinese Idiom Widget

    Chinese-Idiom-a-Day Widget. Shows a new Chinese idiom every day. Contains Chinese idioms, pinyin and meaning of the idiom in Simplified Chinese characters. Suitable for Chinese speakers and high level students of Chinese. To use the widget, first install it, then long-click on the homescreen, then select "Chinese Idiom" widget. If the d…

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    Download German Flashcards German Flashcards icon
    German Flashcards

    Beginner's flashcards for learning German. Words you find difficult are repeated more often, while easier words or repeated less often. If you've finished the cards for the day, you can also just press start again to learn some more. Nouns are coloured according to the gender to make it easier for visual learners to remember. Tags: German…

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    Download IPA Flashcards IPA Flashcards icon
    IPA Flashcards

    Flashcards for learning the IPA. Useful for beginners of English, teachers of English who don't yet know the international phonetic alphabet, TEFL/TESOL teachers, people preparing to do the CELTA etc. These cards all contain audio. Easier cards are shown less often, while difficult cards are shown more often. Instructions: Click on the red cro…

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    Download Habit Attack Habit Attack icon
    Habit Attack

    Habit Attack is a simple habit making (or breaking) program. It's based on the principle, popularized by Jerry Seinfeld, of "not breaking the chain". Create a new habit, and then every day click on the habit to show that you've done it. If you miss a day the app will tell you and you'll have to start again. The more days you…

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    Download Todo Attack Todo Attack icon
    Todo Attack

    Another todo list app for android. Works with text based files. Lightweight. Can save screenshots as screensaver on eink devices such as the Boyue T62 (root not required). Compatible with todo.txt formatting. Todo lists can be synced with other devices as the list is saved as a simple text file.

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    Download Spanish RSS Lite Spanish RSS Lite icon
    Spanish RSS Lite

    This app helps you learn Spanish while reading articles that interest you. Words that you've looked up are highlighted in the current article heading. The pop-up dictionary works offline so you can download the articles and read them at your leisure. The dictionary contains 196 076 entries. You can add your own RSS feeds (Pro version only)…

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    Download Chineeeasy Chinese Flashcards Chineeeasy Chinese Flashcards icon
    Chineeeasy Chinese Flashcards

    This is the extension app for the Chineeeasy Chinese Flashcards. It is probably not very useful for you unless you have the flashcards, which are available from amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/C3apps-Chineeeasy-Flashcards/dp/1623143330 For more details on how to use the app in conjunction with the flashcards, please visit the website: http://ww…

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