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  • Stickman Runner

    Stickman Runner




    Run as far as you possibly can in this game, but look out! Make sure you duck and jump through the oncoming blocks; hit just 3 of them and its game over! As the game goes on for longer, the speed also picks up - getting more intense across the 3 difficulties. Each of the 3 difficulties also...

  • Snake





    This is a classic remake of the game Snake. The aim is simple, control the snake around the space eating as much food as possible to obtain the highest score. However, you can't crash into walls or eat yourself! Plus, you have the added option of whether to include random rocks that the...

  • Anime Trivia

    Anime Trivia




    Do you love your anime? Would you say you are an Otaku? Are you sure you know everything about your favourite anime? Yes? Then test your knowledge against lots of different animes in Anime Trivia! Here you can select which animes to answer questions for, as well as how many. You can even fight...

  • xkcd viewer

    xkcd viewer




    xkcd viewer is an app that, well, quite simply allows you to view comics found on! You can view the full archive of all the comics, which will automatically fetch the comics so you're always up-to-date. Found a comic you really love? Well, with xkcd viewer you can favourite comics...

  • Percentage Calculator

    Percentage Calculator




    Ever walk into a store with items on discount? Ever get stuck in maths with percentages? Well, that's where Percentage Calculator comes to the rescue! Percentage Calculator can do a number of calculations: - Discounts - Increases - Percentage of a value - How much of a percentage one...

  • AstroBlast





    The idea is simple: start at wave 1 and survive for as long as possible! But watch out, some asteroids aren't as nice as they first seem. There is no limit to the maximum wave you can reach, so enjoy destroying asteroids that have different abilities, across 6 modes of difficulty (are you...

  • Wiff Waff

    Wiff Waff




    This a retro remake of the game ping-pong, a game everybody knows and loves. You can choose to challenge the computer, or battle against your friends in 2 player mode! In this remake, you have 4 modes of play! You can either choose to play the classic version (Single Ball), or choose from the...

  • City Blitz

    City Blitz




    Remake of the classic Missile Command that still has that retro feeling! You have 3 towers, 30 missiles and 6 cities to defend; but the enemy has other ideas. Selecting the tower you wish to fire from, destroy the incoming enemy missiles to defend the cities! As the enemy increases in intensity,...

  • AstroTap





    Asteroids are flying towards your space station, and only you can destroy them by tapping on them once they reach the shield! At first, the asteroids come in slow; but they quickly pick up speed, so keep your fingers moving! The more above the line the asteroid is when you destroy it, the more...

  • Regex Tester

    Regex Tester


    Regex Tester is an app that lets you test your regular expressions. You can create new regular expressions and save them for later use. There are inbuilt saved regular expressions that are commonly used. If you need to change a regular expression you've save or which to delete one; hold...

  • AstroBlast Reloaded

    AstroBlast Reloaded




    Remastered version of our original AstroBlast. The aim is simple, you have 4 lives and you must survive for as long as possible and get the highest score! This time however, the waves are gone and the asteroids fly in on you continuously - each still having their own unique abilities! The...

  • AstroPlanets





    In a shocking turn of events, the Psions are more advanced than you thought after you discover their Planet Factory. Your ship has been severely damaged: you can no longer fire, and your ship is out of control as the the port side thruster is always active. Fly your way through the oncoming...

  • AstroDodger





    They're coming after you, get out of there! Dodge and weave your way through the oncoming asteroids, and the new aliens: Psions. Your ship has been damaged during a mission through the asteroid belt, by an alien race known as the Psions! The aim is simple, dodge everything that comes your...

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