• Animal and Color Guess!




    This is a fun game to help kids (or adults) learn animal sounds and colors. Babies, Children, Toddlers will enjoy listening to sounds from a wide variety of animals from giant tigers to the smallest birds. This fun app can entertain kids for hours at a time! Notification bar is hidden so app...

  • Spiral Scream




    A great old computer prank brought right to your phone! Trick your friends into thinking they are watching a hypnotic relaxing spiral then AAAAHHHHHH! A simple app that can lead to a lot of screams and laughs. Great for Halloween! Requires Adobe Air.

  • Raid Calculator




    1.1 Added Raid Info button This app lets you input the number of drives, what size, and what raid level to easily see home much space you will actually get out of a raid Currently has raid 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 Installs to SD card with froyo android 2.2 KW: hard, hdd, raid, disk array, utility

  • Reflexes




    2.5 NOW WITH GLOBAL ONLINE HIGH SCORES!!! How fast are you!? Challenge your friends to see who has the fastest reflexes! This is a fun app that has a moving button that you see how many times you can hit it in 20 seconds. NEW: Timer gets to zero, please rerate. Android 2.2 Froyo Install to SD...

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