Callture Inc.

  • Oye




    Oye takes the hassle out of Long Distance calling and yet provides all the flexibility that you may need. Now you don’t have to remember any pins, access number to dial or destination phone numbers. THREE WAYS TO CALL: (1) You may use local access method to use one click feature and app will...

  • Linea Mendoza




    Linea Mendoza is the ultimate application for low-cost Long Distance calls. This dialer simplifies the long-distance calling so nicely and still providing all the flexibility that you may need. No more pins to remember, no access number to dial or phone numbers to remember, not even the speed...

  • Callture Business Phone




    With Callture Business Phone, take your business line with you wherever you go! This simple to use app allows you to make and receive your business landline calls on Android. When making calls you can show your Callture business number as your Caller ID, keeping your mobile number private. You...

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