• Real Skate 3D




    Skate like a pro in #1 authentic 3D skateboarding game Real Skate now! Real Skate delivers the most realistic touch based skateboarding experience on Android. Feel the adrenalin pumping as you skate the way you want! Real Skate is a game of skill that takes 5 minutes to understand but you will...

  • 6.8

    Punch Boxing 3D




    A boxing game that delivers a few solid punches

  • 7.8

    Snail Battles




    A shoot'em up with a whole host of baddies

  • Word Search Tour




    Are you ready for a word searching game like none other? Jump into the paradise of #1 word puzzles and venture in Word Search Tour now! Word Search Tour offers a magical world of words with hundreds of glee-inducing word puzzles, but in a whole new way. Search horizontally, vertically,...

  • 5.0

    Fish Live




    Take care of your fish and decorate the tank

  • Tiny Robot




    Tiny Robot is the most difficult action-packed game on Android but also life ruiningly fun! In a distant but not so realistic future, robots have taken over the earth while mankind abandoned it because of pollution. And WILL, a blue robot, falls in love with EVA, a pink robot but EVA was trapped...

  • Nobody Dies Alone




    Nobody Dies Alone is #1 challenging racing platformer in the world that pushes your skills to the limit in the CRAZY MISSIONS! Humans have two hands but only one brain. So can you beat two, or three, or four or even five simple endless racing games at the same time? It's a heart-pounding...

  • 5.6

    Break Bricks




    Bounce the ball and break the bricks

  • 6.5

    Lottery Rain




    A funny game with a curious gameplay

  • 2048 Numbers




    Join millions of people and play the newest match number game. 2048 Numbers is #1 fantastic number puzzle game and the only one with Classic Mode and Time Mode. Get ready for an epic number puzzle adventure in 2048 Numbers. Slide beautiful and colorful number tiles to merge tiles with same...

  • 8.0

    Crazy Doctor




    Solve patients' medical issues from the operating room

  • 6.2

    Star Chef




    Slap together the customers' orders as quickly and accurately as you can

  • 5.0

    Logo Quiz




    Score points by guessing the logos

  • 7.8

    Golf Championship




    A truly well-designed golf game with great controls

  • Sudoku Master




    Sudoku Master is #1 Sudoku game available in Google Play with beautiful graphics and killer features. Sudoku Master has been polished to perfection and boasts an intuitive, touch screen game play which makes you never need a paper puzzle again. Now challenge yourself to more than 2000 puzzles...

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