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Finger Spell ASL

FingerSpell ASL was helps you practice ASL receptive Fingerspelling. Words or numbers are shown fingerspelled. You try to recognize the word or number before it is displayed. Practice with the numbers 0 – 99, choose one of the three included word lists containing almost 500 words, or create your own lists of words. You can adjust the speed for in…

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ASL Alpha helps you learn the ASL (American Sign Language) finger spelling numbers (1 – 10) and alphabet. In Learning Mode both the ASL Fingerspelling Handshape and corresponding number or letter is shown. You can step forward or backward through the alphabet using the Previous or Next buttons or by pressing one of the Alpha Bar buttons. Select Ra…

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Macro Keys

Macro Keys by CanalRun is a simple soft keyboard replacement with 2 improvements. A 2 percent boundary was inserted around the keyboard so that the edge keys, like "q" and "p" can be pressed even if your phone has a protective case. Second, a function key is added. Pressing the function key followed by a single character key cau…

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Scrabble Aid

Scrabble Aid is an app that will help you become a better Scrabble™ player. It will check to be sure a word is in its scrabble dictionary, and it will find the anagrams for available Board and Bar letters. it sorts its results by word score and length, although it does not account for double and triple squares. This app has a very simple and intui…

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ASL Hangman

ASL Hangman is the classic game of hangman with a twist. The letter choices are represented by their ASL handshapes. Playing ASL Hangman is great practice for learning American Sign Language. The game includes a realistic looking pirate (?) on a dock with gallows (??) in an isolated cove of Treasure Island (???). It's the classic game of hang…

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Download FingerSpell Quiz FingerSpell Quiz icon
FingerSpell Quiz

FingerSpell Quiz is a game that will help you practice receptive American Sign Language (ASL) finger spelling skills. Random words or numbers are shown finger spelled. You try to choose the correct word from a list. Four lists of words are provided: Animals, Fruit-Veg, Names, and Numbers. In the Plus version you can customize these lists and add…

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Download Comic Sho Comic Sho icon
Comic Sho

If you're like me, the first thing you do in the morning is read the comics section in the newspaper. Comic Sho lets you read the comics on your smart phone or tablet. It includes a database of the web addresses for almost 500 popular comics, lets you choose a list of ones you like best, then easily view them in order. Your list is saved. Eac…

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Download T-Scribe T-Scribe icon

T-Scribe is an app that will let you quickly Enter, Save, and Restore notes and memos using voice recognition or the keypad. This app takes advantage of Android's voice recognition capability. Being nearly deaf, sometimes there are words and phrases that I just cannot understand no matter how many times they are repeated. I had people write th…

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Download MagnifEye MagnifEye icon

MagnifEye is a quick and easy app for Android that turns your phone or tablet into a lighted magnifying glass – use it to read product labels, in dark restaurants, to examine small items... With MagnifEye you can zoom, turn the flash (LED) on or off, change focus mode between "auto", "macro", and "infinity" or choose…

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Download Hangman Plus Hangman Plus icon
Hangman Plus

Hangman Plus includes a realistic looking pirate (?) on a dock with gallows (??) in an isolated cove of Treasure Island (???). It's the classic game of hangman with features that make it especially suitable for educators and language studies. The included Word List contains over 3000 words and phrases. You can customize or replace the Word Lis…

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