Candy Corp

  • Holiday Resorts! World Travel




    The most fantastic Vacation awaits you: Design, decorate and run your own dream island holiday paradise! Discover amazing new locations around the world! Send travellers & tourists all over the world! Come on, lets discover Vacation Island together. Download now, it’s FREE! * PLAY OFFLINE:...

  • Toy Village Town:Build Kingdom




    Build the greatest Toy Island of all time! We have toys for everyone! The very naughty Prof. Stark has beamed away all toy factories in Toy Island! All blueprints have been destroyed and all hope of rebuilding a sky village full of fantastic toys are gone. As the young kids were playing in the...

  • Pony Village Friendship Town




    Design and build a village in the sky for your ponies and have fun! Care for your ponies, meet their friends! Find hidden mini-games! Design & create beautiful clothes and jewelry for them. Build a fairytale castle for your ponies to live in! Create the perfect accessories for your ponies to...

  • Ocean Aquarium Pocket Island




    Play the best undersea world game! Breed and care for cute exotic fish, turtles, and seahorses! Design & explore beautiful coral reefs, find sunken treasures, breed new types of cute sea animals! Build the perfect underwater park for your fishes! Design your aquarium and fill it with cute sea...

  • Candy Island HD - FREEmium




    NOW IN HD: Build the greatest candy factory of all time! We have sweets for everyone! * PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required * 2 FREE Funny Mini games to enjoy! * BUILD up from a tiny tower to the biggest candy mountain! * DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family! *...

  • Candy Island:Bakery Sweet City




    Follow your dream to bake, create, discover & design your own valley of all sorts of sweets & cakes! Features: ♥ PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required ♥ DISCOVER delicious candy recipes ♥ SHARE sweet gifts and help your friends ♥ CARE for your adorable helpers and customers ♥...

  • Garden of Weed: Grow Cannabis




    Have you ever dreamed of escaping society and grow your own weed on a remote farm? With Garden of Weed you can live the stoners dream. Design your own little weed firm by growing your first strains from hemp seeds. Create workshops to process them to marihuana or dope and provide them to your...

  • Zoo




    Zoo Looking for the best zoo game experience? Play our fun Zoo Island : Fun Zoo Game Now! In our Family fun zoo game you can build skyscraper of different habitats where baby animal live. Be the king of your very own Animal kingdom. In our animal zoo game, we have many different zoo animals...

  • 7.2

    Monsters Village Scary Park




    The Village of Monsters

  • Green Garden - Herb Commune




    Be free & erect your own alternative commune. Have you ever dreamed of escaping society and grow your own food on a remote farm? No you can live every stressed out persons dream and plant your own herbs. Design your own little farmer firm by growing your first strains from selected seeds....

  • Restaurant Island:Kitchen Chef




    The most fantastic Restaurant awaits you: Design, decorate and run your own dream island restaurant! Discover delicious new recipes! * PLAY OFFLINE: No internet connection required * 2 FREE exciting Mini Games to explore! * DISCOVER and COLLECT delicious new dishes and menus * DECORATE your...

  • Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town




    Build a beautiful magical castle in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town! Dress up your fairy town with stunning decorations. Check out our fairy farm and build skyscrapers of fruits and vegetables. Sparkling fairy dust everywhere to see. Grow fairy magic poison potion and scare off the village witch. In...

  • Pet Island - Pug ‘n Terrier




    Breed and take care of your pet like a vet! Create your own personalized shelter for all kinds of animals and fill it with all of your favorite adorable pets, such as a cute little doggie (e.g. pug, terrier or collie), a lovely kitten (a grumpy cat or a happy cat) or maybe even a fluffy hamster...

  • 7.3

    Fashion Shopping Mall:Dress up




    A stylish shopping boutique game for kids

  • 6.9

    Hotel Island: Paradise Story




    Design your very own hotel island and complete the story

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