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Cape Of Good Games PTY LTD

  • A-Maze-Balls



    A-Maze-Balls is a brand new and very unique 3D maze game. Travel your way across the galaxy and solve a new Maze puzzle on each of the 25 known planets. Each new world features a brand new Maze that will challenge your mind and test your skills for completing maze games. Fantastic graphics,...

  • Endless OffRoad Monster Trucks

    Endless OffRoad Monster Trucks




    Race your monster truck on a never ending off road track. With realistic physics, randomly generated levels and awesome graphics. See how high you can score!!!

  • Endless Racer

    Endless Racer




    Race different vehicles through endless courses while dodging other vehicles and collecting cash. Features: - 8 vehicles to use, from bikes to boats. - 4 levels with randomly placed obstacles and vehicles. - Realistic physics with Tilt and Touch controls. - Highscores and endless...

  • Flappy Bat Adventures

    Flappy Bat Adventures




    Tap on the screen to make the bat fly. Try to avoid crashing into obstacles to see how far you can go. Compare scores with friends and see if you can fly the furthest. Features: - Cartoon 3D graphics. - Accurate physics. - 4 different bats.

  • Ludo 3DX

    Ludo 3DX




    Ludo is a simple board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls. Play against other players or against AI. Rules: At the start of the game, the player's four pieces are placed in the start area of their colour....

  • World War Infinity

    World War Infinity




    Place defensive towers to stop the enemy forces from getting past. Featuring never ending waves, 8 levels, 12 towers and over 10 enemies.

  • Toon World Builder

    Toon World Builder




    Build your own Toon World by dragging and dropping items. Choose from 4 different worlds and over 60 different things to put in them. Save and load your worlds, move things and rotate them. Show your friends how creative you can be. Tip: Tap on a thing in the world to focus on it.

  • Toon Egg Hunt

    Toon Egg Hunt




    Can you find all the hidden eggs? Explore 4 different worlds and over 40 areas to search. Featuring cute graphics, challenging levels and lots of fun. Tip: Double tap on an egg to discover it.

  • 3.0
    Dungeon Escape

    Dungeon Escape




    An endless runner set in a dungeon

  • Maze 100

    Maze 100




    Play 100 challenging mazes in 3D. From small 10x10 to massive 100x100 mazes. Race to the finish in the quickest time. Collect power ups to speed up or slow down the game.

  • Toon Golf Builder

    Toon Golf Builder




    Build your own Toon Golf Course by dragging and dropping pieces. Choose from over 35 different obstacles and structures. Save and load your courses, move things and rotate them. Show your friends how creative you can be and try to beat your designs. Tip: Tap on a thing in the world to focus...

  • Mini Golf Space

    Mini Golf Space




    Enjoy 40 challenging holes of mini golf set in space. With obstacles such as anti gravity, portals, robots and lasers, you'll have plenty of fun trying to get the best score. How to play: Touch either side of screen to aim. Touch arrows to increase/decrease power. Touch hit ball to fire....

  • Burn The Boxes

    Burn The Boxes




    The aim of this game is to hit as many blocks as possible in the fire below. Using different ball types such as heavy, spiky, bouncy, bombs and anti gravity, complete each level by hitting the required amount of boxes into the fire. 24 levels of challenging puzzles. Can you get the highest score?

  • Cartoon Animal Memory Game

    Cartoon Animal Memory Game


    Play this fun memory game featuring cute cartoon animals. Match pairs to win. There are multiple difficulties to choose from.

  • Wormhole Control

    Wormhole Control




    Steer spaceships into the wormhole in the middle of the screen. Avoid crashing into each other and asteroids.

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