• Secure Notepad




    Secure notepad is a password protected notes application. It allows you to keep all your notes, lists, ideas, etc. protected. Unlike other protected notes app, this app allows clickable-links for phone numbers and web addresses, etc. This allows you to click on the links and have the...

  • Pongstar




    Real Time 2-Player Pong-Type Game! [From One Mobile Device to Another!] -Battle Your friends! -Get Custom Avatars, Paddles, Taunts, and More! -Use Powers to Help Defeat your Opponent! -Get Awards for Accomplishments! -Make the High Scores List! -Get The Highest Rank!

  • Magic Card Magician




    Become a Real Magician with this Real Card Trick App! Have your friends download the free Magic Card App on their device (separate App), and with this Magic Card Magician App on your device you will be able to dazzle your friends with the Magic! Have Fun amazing your friends on how you can...

  • Magic Card




    Prepare to be amazed by your Magician while choosing your card with this Magic Card App, Your Magician will reveal, by Magic, what card you have selected !

  • Rep Master CC 4 in 1




    Four Handy Workout Utilities in One!! The Original Rep Master CC! -- With new enhancements -such as new sounds including Rep count, and other changes! One Rep Max Utility -- Calculate your one rep max (1 RM) for Bench Press or Squats! Target Heart Rate Utility -- Calculate your target heart...

  • Rep Master Password


    Registration Password for Rep Master CC.

  • Reg. PW for Secure Notes




    Registration password for the Secure Notes application.

  • Strobe Lyte Free




    Set your colors and your speed, and get to strobing!

  • Strobe Lyte CC Pro




    Strobe light flasher. Choose from lots of colors, and choose a custom strobe speed to your liking. You can also display text and set the colors of the text to your liking. Fun and easy to use, and remembers all your settings! Great for Concerts...Great for school sports.. for example set the Text...

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