Captain Haddock

  • Share Bear




    Use Share Bear to share photos with a group of friends instantly. How many times have your friends bugged you to email or "Facebook" pictures later? With Share Bear, you won't have to ever again. Just add your friends and family to designated groups. Any picture you or your friends...

  • Greeter Cheater




    Send personalized group texts to your friends and insert their name wherever you want it. People like hearing their name. Makes them feel special. It's normal; part of being human. Especially friends and family. How many times have you received a generic text, with a good intentioned...

  • CatScan




    Use CatScan to make funny captions for cat pictures to share with the LolCat community. Take your own picture or use one already available on CatScan and add your own captions. You'll be able to view LolCats made by others, and share LolCats you have made. Tags: LoL, cat, cat scan

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