carl morey

  • Arduino Usb Android Display




    Use an android phone/tablet as a display for arduino. To see how I have used this application see:

  • Direct Entry Sudoku




    Life time supply of free Sudoku puzzles. Direct screen entry for a simpler game experience. All the available pencil numbers are displayed.A red box indicates no number selection is possible. The program will solve any solvable sudoku. Suitable for phones and tablets with no obtrusive adds....

  • Walkers Mapped Gps




    This App is suitable for any outdoor activity which can be mapped in less than a 200 km by 200 km area. Makes your android phone as useful as a Garmin or Magellan outdoor handheld GPS. The map has a 1 km grid with UTM co-ordinates for use alongside a UTM terrain map. While your phone sleeps,...

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