• Install Whatsapp on Tablet

    Install Whatsapp on Tablet




    Tutorial how to install Whatsapp app in your tablet or PAD, Just following description of the steps on this app, easy to help you to install Whatsapp in your tablet.

  • Download Photo From Facebook

    Download Photo From Facebook




    Quick to save image and photos from Facebook by using "Share" item. The photo will save in SD Card folder and system album. This app is very simple App for Facebook that could help user to quick download photo from FB, just three steps: ** Choose one photo and use the...

  • 台股除權息計算





    這是一個好用的好工具,提供您台股除權息的計算 告訴您除權息後的股價,讓您可以提早佈局 告訴您填息後的可能獲利 幫您計算複雜的股票股利與現金股利 免費,輕量,好用

  • Chat Lock (Secure Chat)

    Chat Lock (Secure Chat)




    This app is specifically for protecting your chat messages. To lock the screen when you use any chat apps by using password pattern Includes: WhatsApp, BBM, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, LINE, WeChat, Google Hangouts, Facebook & Facebook Message, SMS, Twitter,Pinterest, Vine,...

  • Rescan SD Card +

    Rescan SD Card +




    **Just one tap SD card update** This app could help you to refresh your SD Card infomation (photo and file) Very easy for using

  • Save to SD Card (Save2SD)

    Save to SD Card (Save2SD)




    This useful tool that help you to save any file or photo from any App to SD card folder by Using "Send" or "Share" menu item feature. Easy for using: 1. Tap "Share" menu button on any App that you want to save or download the file. 2. Choose *SaveToSD 3. Tap Save...

  • Call Recorder Pro+

    Call Recorder Pro+




    No Ads version. Free Version Automation help you to save all content of call recorder, including incoming and outgoing call and save it in SDCard Let you don't forget or miss any content of important calls. Our features: ★ Auto recording your income and outgoing calls. ★ User could...

  • Map Check-In for Facebook

    Map Check-In for Facebook




    This app could help user to check-in for Facebook . User could use map to choose where is he want to check-in very easy and useful for quickly check-in on Facebook

  • The multiple uninstaller

    The multiple uninstaller




    This App is very easy use for multiple removing Apps, you just need to select multiple apps that you want to uninstall, and you can uninstall them one by one.

  • Screen Capture + (ScreenShot)

    Screen Capture + (ScreenShot)




    This application can easy to take device screenshot or screen capture by shake your device This should be work on Galaxy devices. (If screen shot by shake is not work, please see our usage info) It's not required root

  • App Lock Pro +

    App Lock Pro +




    App Lock Pro+ is one of BEST apps lock and privacy protect on Android platform which could protect your privacy feature: Prevent (lock) your photo, SMS, call App Prevent (lock) your IM related Apps ex. LINE, Facebook Message, WhatsApp etc.. Prevent (lock) all your already installed Apps Very...

  • Privacy Lock for FB,WhatsApp

    Privacy Lock for FB,WhatsApp




    This App provides privacy lock feature to protect your privacy, when you use some privacy Apps. e.g. Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Google+, Twitter, WeChat etc.. And SMS, Album, Mail. If you don't want somebody to open your privacy apps, keep your privacy safe Our features: 1.All in one...

  • Call Timer Pro (Auto Redial)

    Call Timer Pro (Auto Redial)




    Call Timer Pro can help your phone auto notify a alert or hang up when your call reaches a configurable predefined time. Help you to limit the time of your incoming and outgoing calls, save some money !! And all that is free for using !! Our features: ★Auto hang up. ★Auto Redial when call time...

  • Auto Call Recorder

    Auto Call Recorder




    Automation Call Recorder / Call blocker ★ If you use the speakerphone function, recording better ★ The speaker program when listening to recordings **Our Features: ★Automation Call Recorder. ★Call blocker. ★Display detail...

  • Spare Parts Plus

    Spare Parts Plus




    This app allows you to enable or disable more hidden settings of your Android system. ★Enable or disable Auto Unlock when Screen on ★Enable Wi-Fi Sleep Policy to keep WiFi connected ★Control Font Size of System ★Control Animation speed between window and app ★Control end button action ★Setting...

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